JAMB – Why Hard Working Students Sometimes Fail

hard working student in JAMB

Its normal to think people that fail at any task probably didn’t put enough effort into it. Unfortunately when it comes to certain activities like writing Jamb it simply isn’t true. So if they studied hard, why do they fail?

Anyone who has written Jamb before knows that “its not by power nor by might” but the truth is, its not by expos either. There are reasons why hard working students sometimes fail Jamb or any other exams and there are ways to succeed without necessarily losing both sleep and appetite. Well how?

The normal way of practicing for Jamb is to buy Jamb past questions, get lots of textbooks, enrol in a Jamb lesson and generally study hard to acquire or consolidate 6 years of knowledge in just 3 or 4 months so you are ready for your exams.The flaw in this is people don’t fail exams because of what they know; they fail because of what they don’t know. In other words it doesn’t matter if you’ve covered 90% of the syllabus, if that 90% was the wrong part to have studied then you’ll probably end up with a low score any way.

Ultimately, the key isn’t in reading any possible material there is available, what really matters is diligently studying and grasping the topics that would likely make up the test. Hence the trick is figuring out what topics one would be tested on. A lot of hard working students NEVER truly grasp the significance of this fact. This usually accounts for their failure in Jamb even after long hours of serious study.
Does this mean students don’t need to work hard to pass Jamb? Most certainly not! But if you have certain information about a coming exam, your hard work becomes “smart” work at that’s often the difference between a hard working successful student and a hard working mediocre student – INFORMATION. So what kind of information do you need to work smart and succeed in Jamb? Find out in our next blog, but for now we encourage you to check out https://prepclass.com.ng and make use of the quality study resources and information made available to you on our platform.