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I have not met a teacher that is as professional as Mr Daniel. I was really impressed at the rapid improvement in my daughter's academics and performance in school. His teaching methods are wonderful and he is very easy to understand.

Mrs Akintola Aderibigbe
Fashion Designer

I always thank Google for leading me to Prepclass and Mrs. Sarah. The pressure was so much on me when my child failed to pass English in her WAEC exam. This meant she will have to retake the exam and because I didn't want failure to repeat itself I searched for help. Mrs. Sarah ran a diagnosis on Tolu and she advised that we start almost afresh to ensure that she gets the major concept required to pass. After retaking the exam Tolu passed with B grade from F

Mrs, Daniella Uzo
Accountant, Flour Mills Lagos

If you are looking for a good Home Tutor, I think you should consider Prepclass as the first choice. I enjoy working with them because they make the process of hiring a home tutor easy and straight forward.

Mrs Adaobi Ezenwa
Business woman

Often asked questions

Q: How do I know that the tutor is good in teaching Autodesk CAD?

A: Our Autodesk CAD tutors are carefully selected from a rigorous process of tests and screenings. So you can be rest assured that our teachers are better than good, they’re great.

Q: How expensive will it be to learn Autodesk CAD?

A: Our prices are dependent on a number of factors; the location of the learner, the number of days for the lessons, and how long the lessons will last. We can however assure you that our prices are very much affordable.

Q: How quickly will it take my child to learn about Autodesk CAD?

A: The only things learning requires for success is dedication and commitment. Once your child can put in the necessary work to learn, we can assure you that with the help of a prepclass Autodesk CAD home tutor, your child will learn anything about Autodesk CAD in no time.

Q: Do you have tutors to teach different aspects of Autodesk CAD?

A: We have tutors skilled in teaching every aspect of Autodesk CAD there is to learn.

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