Yekinni O.

Senior Secondary School Commerce Tutor

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I'm a senior secondary school commerce tutor equipped with the adequate knowledge needed to make the subject content more simplified to my students. Already possess seven (7)years experience of teaching this subject.

It has been a great time teaching commerce as a subject. Reason being that the subject is all about what's happening around us, in our daily life especially in terms of our daily transactions. I teach this subject using the real life context as my instructional materials. This usually help my students retain the gained knowledge in the class and be able to apply it to their real situation. For the last few years, I've been able to teach both in a school setting and out of the normal school settings.

Commerce as a subject really helps the students understands some terms used in the business worlds. Words like banking and finance, production, Importation, exportation and deportation and many more are being used and taught in this subject. This really equip the students who already have business orientation and thereby help bring out the skills they really possess. 


I am a graduate of Federal College of Education. I'm good at teaching economics, busness studies, account, and i can teach primary classes and also junior classes. In addition, i can teach deaf child.

I have 6years of of productive tutor in the area of economics, business studies and other social science related subjects.

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  • B.Sc Education

    Aug 2015 - Present

    University of Ilorin

  • B.Tech Education

    Aug 2010 - Nov 2014

    Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, Oyo state


  • Subject Teacher

    May 2017 - Jul 2018

    Kwara State School for Special Needs

    Teaching Economics to the hearing impaired students is my main objective in the school. Making sure they have the deep knowledge about the subject is very paramount to me.

  • Subject Teacher

    Oct 2018 - Present

    Government Secondary school, Mallam Sidi

    Teaching of Economics is my major role in the school.