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I am reputable for producing pupils with outstanding results in common entrance maths examination, over the decade, I have 100% pass in common entrance maths, I strategically structure the examination into modules to build the knowledge of my pupils from the known to the unknown.

Experience has shown that the mathematics common entrance covers the following topical areas: Numbers and numeration which include Roman numerals, writing in words and figures, fraction including word problems, percentage, profit and loss,areas and perimeters of plane shapes including rectangle, square, triangle, circle, trapezium, parallelogram and other 2D shapes ,total surface area and volume of 3D shapes including cubes, cubold,cones,prisms etc,Algebra and algebraic expression, Ratio ,proportion and others.

I have taken my time to build simple and easy approaches for pupils to understand the  subject.I also use illustrations and real life situations to teach my pupils, I give my pupils copious work examples and exercises to enhance their knowledge and confidence in tackling the questions

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I am a young intelligent and dedicated tutor with excellent impartation skills required for primary,secondary and post secondary examinations,i have several years of successful and holistic experience that suit your need, my products are doing extremely well everywhere both in Nigeria and beyond,a trial will convince you.

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  • B.Sc Computer Science Education/ Chemistry

    Feb 2009 - Jun 2014

    Lagos State University


  • Teacher

    Apr 2008 - Present

    Footsteps international school

    Teaching ,examination preparation and class management