Mark E.

British Junior Secondary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Eti Osa, Lagos

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British Junior secondary Maths Tutor with six years experience

I am a Maths tutor with more than six years of experience. I have flex for maths right from my junior class in secondary school. I have observed that students tend to run away from calculation because it is rigorous in nature. I thought and create an easier technique of making the study of maths simpler for my students.

I have various testimonies of different student whom later thank me for helping out in their maths success. It has given me joy of profession when my parents and my students commend  me not only to succeed but to make them more better. My students pass BECE with A's. My student pass exam like SSAT, IGCSE and more. My technique of doing it your self can not be overemphasized. I have  the zeal that I am born to teach mathematics. Calculation is in my Blood. I sleep and dream about maths. I eat maths like bread. 


I am a graduate of Industrial Mathematics  from the University of Benin and hold a Diploma in Accounting . I have more than 5years of productive experience working as a private tutor in the areas of Mathematics, Basic Technology , Economic,  Accounting, Further Mathematics. I live in Lagos where I have been able to successfully tutor over 100 students to pass various School exams,  national exams,  SSAT,  SAT,  IGCSE. I am a man of integerity, who is also a goal getter. I teaches the technics of mathematics with skills. Most Chilldren naturally are skeptical when it come mathematics work. I reach out to childs' need by inspiring them and make them like mathematics. I teach them the technics. I like my student. I like impacting and touching my student life. My student do excel in their endeavour. They never remain the same after teaching them.

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  • B.Sc Mathematics

    Nov 2007 - Present

    University of Benin


  • Subject Teacher

    Sep 2013 - Nov 2015

    Kezino Academy

    I taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics to students in the various secondary school classes.

  • Subject Teacher (Mathematics and Further Mathematics)

    Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

    Sharon Field School

    I taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics to students in the various secondary school classes.

  • Subject Teacher (Geography)

    Jan 2018 - Present

    Medland Comprehensive School

    Geography has been my area of specialty for 3 years. I have prepared learners for WAEC geography and taught geography in several senior secondary schools.