Amos M.

Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

Home tutor in Ikorodu, Lagos

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Senior secondary School Chemistry Teacher with over six years experience with a track record of excellent students performance.

Chemistry as a subject seems to be challenging to most students but my students find it easy and interesting because I give them the basic principles that helps them understand it. I make the learning real and not as abstract as people think by using relative examples and some basic life experiences to teach.

My experience in marking ssce exams scripts has been helpful in making them understand how to tackle chemistry examination questions. I have taught more than six sets of students in the various senior secondary classes now and the percentage has averagely been between 62 and 86%. I Know how to help the fast learners and as well as the slow learners. Students learn better when they are involved and hence I engage them through out our learning activities. The only challenge I have in teaching chemistry is when I teach those with no interest but I have always overcome this by first building the interest before teaching.

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a passionate teacher, who has a burning desire to make learning fun, loving and lovely,self-disciplined and with a good moral track record,willing to make sacrifices that will help me achieve my goal. a God fearing person, who respect people and their beliefs. firm in principle but not rigid.

a holder of B Sc. Ed in Chemistry from the University of Uyo and a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Lagos and currently teaching in one of the most respected schools in ikorodu axes of Lagos state.

specialized in the pure sciences that is Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics and well grounded in the use of English. I have prepared students for both local and international exams and i have a track record of excellence as most of my students are distributed in good course in some prestigious Universities. 

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  • M.Sc Chemistry

    Jun 2015 - Aug 2016

    University of Lagos

  • B.Sc Education And Chemistry

    Feb 2007 - Aug 2011

    University of Uyo



    Aug 2013 - Present



  • Chemistry and Basic Science teacher. Also teaches Physics and Biology

    Aug 2013 - Present

    Inglewood Academy

    Teaches Chemistry sometimes Physics and Biology for the senior classes and Basic Science and sometimes mathematics for junior classes.