Noah C.

Common Entrance Math Tutor

Home tutor in Municipal Area Council, Abuja

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Best Common Entrance Maths Tutor with 11 Experience and Lots of Success Story to tell from ex-students

Mathematics is one of,  if not the only subject learners at all level of learning dread so much. I have seen and heard learners complain so much about this subject, especially those who were about to face important examinations such as the Common Entrances. But then, I have had those who had sat under me, come to say how easy it was for them.

The secret is; I discovered that just the name "maths" brings some kind of psychology anxiety in the mind of learners. So I create a playful learning environment, giving the learner time to learn at his/her own pace, using varieties of methodology, while trying as much as possible to be flexible. These have given me the opportunity to bring out the best even in the slowest of learners. 

With the number of years I have been teaching constantly, I can boldly say I have all it takes to excel if contracted to teach mathematics to any learner preparing for any Common Entrance examination, be it locally or internationally and I can guarantee success to such a learner. 


An NCE holder in Economics/Poltical Science from Abia State College of Education, with almost twelve years of experience as a teacher. Teaching is not just a career for me but a passion I can not resist expressing at every given opportunity. I am a playful young man and I try as much as possible to apply this each time I am with my learners, ensuring they learn under no amount of undue duress. I have taught a wide range of learners starting from the lower grade. It is my dream to see my learners excel in their chosen course of life and I do as much as I can to contribute to that. 

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  • Social Sciences Education

    Sep 2009 - Dec 2012

    Abia state college of Education


  • Classroom Teacher

    Sep 2018 - Present

    Babylove School

    Planning and delivering lessons with the best practical methodologies, managing the classroom, ensuring safety of pupils and maintaining a healthy line of communication with parents