Onokpite C.

British Pre-Primary & Lower Primary General Tutor

Home tutor in Kosofe, Lagos

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6 years experience as a British Pre-Primary and Lower Primary General Tutor, with successful entrance of 4 students into Corona, 1 into loyola, 1 into Green Spring and 1 into Lagos Preparatory School

Mathematics, Science and English language is what I take most of my students but also take them on their other subjects when necessary especially during exams. I teach and explain to them the topics treated in school but don't understand especially mathematics, using plain and easy techniques to help them understand and retain the steps to solving the question or problem.

I also prepare them ahead of the class using the school curriculum and if they are preparing for entrance exam i give extra one or two hours free just to help prepare him or her better for the exam. Project time I'm always available to my students and I've successfully helped 3 of my students win best project award. Two of my student both Corona and Lagos Preparatory School got the award for best Mathematics students after i started taking them.  


I am a graduate of Computer Engineering from Yaba College of Technology


I have 4 Years of productive experience working as a private tutor in the areas of Maths, Science, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative and English. I live in Lagos where I have been able to successfully tutor 5 Corona Student, 2 Lagos Preparatory Student and 2 British International student to pass various school exams, and national exams.


I am very dedicated and I give my all when I'm teaching.

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  • ND Computer Engineering

    Apr 2013 - Sep 2015

    Yaba College of Technology, Yaba


  • Private tutor

    May 2016 - Dec 2018

    Home tutor

    I taught and explained better to the child what they did at school and also prepared her for external examinations like common entrance exam etc. I also taught her how to do her school projects and presentations