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Primary Checkpoint Math with 5 years Experience and 7 Straight A's ex-students

I am a teacher with special interest in using my talent to make pupils master their subjects, especially Mathematics and English Language. In the course of my interactions with the pupils I have found out that given an early and adequate foundation, every child can do well in Mathematics and other subjects. My experience has made me understand that there is a great correlation between Mathematics and English Language. Students/pupils learn all other subjects with English Language. So, I make serious effort to expose my pupils to the rudiments of the subject. This has always helped my class with any child interesting and successful.

I have gotten the skills needed to prepare every child for a successful performance in any external examination.

I also have some skills that build confidence in my pupils. This also enable them to work at a fast rate during any examination or competitions. At various times, I have prepared and taken out pupils for quiz competitions and they most often than not, come home with the Ultimate Prize.

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I am an experienced teacher/marine engineering technologist. I studied at the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos. I am currently a part-time Mathematics undergraduate at the University of Maiduguri. 


I have discovered the simplest way to inculcate basic scientific/mathematical knowledge on my pupils/students.


I equally have special skills in preparing pupils/students for external examinations. I teach Mathematics at both Primary and Secondary School levels.



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  • ND Marine Engineering

    Sep 2009 - Apr 2012

    Federal college of fisheries and marine technology Victoria Island Lagos

  • B.Ed Mathematics Education

    Mar 2018 - Present




    Sep 2016 - Present


    I prepare pupils for Common Entrance Examinations I prepare the pupils for any external competitions e.g. Spelling B, etc.

  • Mathematics Teacher

    Sep 2014 - Jul 2015


    I taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics.