Ibukun A.

Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

Home tutor in Ikeja, Lagos

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Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

I have always had a flair for learning and teaching Chemistry. The results are evident in the five students I taught last WASSCE who had A's in the subject. 

My philosophy as a Chemistry teacher is to make the subject as simple and relevant to everyday life through examples as much as possible. Of course, the stoichiometry aspect is there, which may not be as easy to translate to day-to-day activities, however, the knowledge of the appropriate formula to use in specific concepts would help a student excel in the exam effortlessly whilst building a foundation for either A-level or University courses where the understanding of the concepts learned would be needed. 

With this philosophical approach to teaching the subject, relevant texts, past test papers and a lot of practice time on the part of the students, I am always elated and encouraged to continue to give my best when I see my students excel in their Chemistry exams.

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 A passionate and dedicated educator who seeks to deliver effective teaching using diverse contemporary approaches (e-learning/ instructional technology) to make concepts real and interesting to learners as well as to meet the dynamic demands of the educational system. I have had the experience of teaching children of different age-groups ranging from the Primary level to the Secondary level for eight (8) years. Teaching, to me, is more than an enterprise but an art I am very passionate about. My goal is to channel this passion and energy into the teaching of Chemistry and Mathematics using diverse approaches to make it real and interesting. I am a graduate of Chemistry Education from the University of Benin. I have participated in several training like the British Council'sTKT (Teaching Knowledge Tests) - Band 3 and Understanding Dyslexia: A Guide for Teachers which has equipped me to become a better educator.  

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  • B.Sc Education

    Feb 2011 - Feb 2015

    University of Benin


  • English, Numeracy and Science Teacher

    Sep 2017 - Present

    Shebah School

    The following were my roles/duties in Shebah School: • Creating lesson plans for English Language, Numeracy and Science subjects. • Exposing the students to various examination questions set by standard examination bodies/schools. • Assessing and evaluating pupils on the various topics learnt by the pupils. • Presenting a report every half term on pupils' progress and performance. • Identifying the areas of strength and weakness of each pupil during assessment. • Working with the pupils individually and collectively focusing on their areas of weaknesses and improving on their strengths. • Communicating pupils' progress to parents and proffers advice on how they can help their children improve. • Developing programmes and activities for the Reading/Literacy Club and other events/duties delegated by the school authority. • Delivering PowerPoint presentations on global issues and International dates. • Organizing in-house training for staff and colleagues. • Organizing STEM activities for pupils.

  • Chemistry Teacher

    Apr 2018 - Present

    The Mathematics Place

    I prepare students for Science exams in Checkpoints. I also prepare students for Chemistry exams in WASSCE, JME, IGCSE and SAT.

  • Veteran Guest

    Oct 2018 - Present

    Toastmasters Club

    I deliver unprepared speeches and actively participate in meetings.

  • Project Management Instructor

    Feb 2016 - Present

    The House That Wisdom Built Ministry

    Delivering lectures on Project Management topics. Assessing students and giving feedback.