Omojola O.

British Senior Secondary School Math Tutor

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British Senior Secondary School Math Tutor

The name mathematics, when heard by most students bring out phobia which even make most of them forget a simple arithmetic. Mathematics looks very hard and complex if not accessed in the right way. For this reason, all students mentality of the Herculean nature of the subject must be changed for them to be excellent students of the subject called mathematics.

All mathematics start from simple arithmetic which is the foundation with which every other mathematical calculation either simple or complex is laid. Having known these basics and fundamental mathematics with the absence of fear for the subject, then the student is set for success. This are the reasons why I am the very best Tutor for your child. The elimination of these killer of success called Mathematics phobia through knowledge, research and right application earned one of my students 320 in the 2018 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. With me as your child's tutor, your child is set to become a mathematics guru.

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I am a graduate of industrial chemistry from Ekiti state university.

I am currently teaching. I have taught students in different field of studies especially the science oriented ones both in schools, tutorials and home lessons. I have taught students from grange and greensprings schools in home lessons to mention a few. I am science inclined and very sound in all science subjects due to my five years of experience in both the schools, tutorials and home lessons that have taught, where i was able to understand the academic strengths and weaknesses of students and how to help them deal with their weaknesses and to make them understand  things in deeper perspectives and this has helped my students to pass various school exams, national and international exams

My ability to impart knowledge into my students is my ultimate goal and source of motivation to my students even after I have brought out the best in them during and after my stay as their tutor.


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  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

    Feb 2009 - Mar 2013

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti


  • Physics and further mathematics teacher

    Apr 2014 - Dec 2017

    Glasshouse college

    I taught my students physics and further mathematics. I worked as a class teacher. I do mark their attendance, collate results in a broadsheet and report cards

  • Head teacher

    Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

    Next Level academy

    As the head teacher, I give detail report of the school activities to the owner, collate attendance, Mark lesson notes and instruct the teachers based on the school owner's instruction.