Andrew O.

Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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Certified Chemistry Tutor with Practical and Research Experience

I am a chemistry tutor with over 5 years of experience. I have taught in schools and also tutored WAEC, IGCSE and 'A' level students in the past

The comprehensive knowledge of chemistry is crucial at IGCSE and 'A' level, as most of the exam questions require an application of the knowledge rather than just recalling facts. My teaching develops a better understanding of the topics which helps students to answer questions with confidence.


I use molecular models for relevant topics (shapes of molecules, transition metals, structures and bonding). I also provide well prepared colorful mind maps and charts to help students in remembering the content for a longer time.


There will be plenty of topic-based self-prepared resources to build knowledge from the basic to the advanced level. I provide support between lessons by email/phone calls so that students don't have to wait for the next lesson to get an answer to a query. 

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I am a self motivated graduate with a passion for   teaching and research. I am proficient in the use of computer and I have been teaching for 5 years. I have experience in both primary and post primary schools and I can handle students of any grade.



I prepare students for different international examinations such as common entrance  checkpoint, IGCSE, 'A' level etc

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  • B.Sc Biochemistry

    Jan 2007 - Aug 2010

    University of Lagos


  • Chemistry/Biology teacher

    Sep 2013 - Jan 2017

    Queens land academy

    I prepared students for IGCSE examinations for four years and the results were excellent.

  • Mathematics & Physics Teacher

    Aug 2015 - Sep 2017

    Grasely Gates College

    I taught Mathematics & Physics and also prepared my students for WAEC Examinations