Jennifer O.

WAEC English Tutor

Home tutor in Jabi, Abuja

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WAEC English tutor with 3 years Experience and 3 straight A's ex-students

When preparing students for an external exam such as WAEC, I love to begin at the foundation. It will be easier to jump right in and use past questions to assess the student's understanding of the subject from his or her school work but ensuring the student knows more than he or she lets on is very essential to the teaching objectives of the sessions scheduled for a period of time. Therefore being in a rush to achieve these objectives would be a huge toll on the student and tutor.

I test the students knowledge on the major parts in the subject area (English) with the use of a syllabus and lesson plan drawn up to guide the students learning process. It is very important that I give room for questions and create an atmosphere conducive for learning. Being stereotype isn't my approach, using more than one approach depending on the students behavioral and intellectual ability is my kind of approach as long as he or she is able to learn and improve immensely well.

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    I have been tutoring both adults and kids for two years inisubjects such as literacy, numeracy, english, maths, social studies, civic education, physical health education, history, quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning.  I believe that teaching comes from a place of passion and patience where the tutor or teacher wants to  ensure that his or her student excels which for me is one of the reasons i enjoy teaching. I dont believe in a particular style of teaching instead i believe there are more than one styles which can be applied depending on the characteristics of a client or student. Therefore, i enjoy bonding as well as creating a relationship with my students because this gives me an opportunity to not only teach them but also be a postive influence too. Thank you.

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  • B.Sc Adult Education

    May 2010 - Sep 2015

    University of Benin


  • Subject Teacher (Literacy)

    May 2016 - May 2017

    Agency For Mass Education

    This agency was established by a directive of the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide literacy programmes to suit the economic, cultural, social and political needs of the illiterates (youths and adults) in their areas. Under this agency, I served as a literacy teacher. I was able to educate students of various ages both children and adults.

  • Private Tutor

    Jul 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    I have worked under the above stated agency as a private home tutor since 2016. I have since then taught several children on the Basics of English Language. I have prepared students for entrance examinations into secondary schools, I have helped students just basically keep track of their everyday school work.