Alomaja A.

WAEC Math Tutor

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Waec Maths tutor with 5 years experience above 10straight A's ex-student

In my 5 years of teaching Waec Maths, I have been able to help several students get A's with my methods. I use the Waec marking guide to teach my students because Waec Maths has its modalities, dos and don'ts. This makes it easy for my students to know what Waec wants and hence good grades.

Firstly, I run a test for all my students to know their learning personality, some are auditory, others visual or kinaesthetic. This helps me to know the method of teaching to apply. My classes are always lively and filled with fun yet intensive and extensive learning is happening. I am very patient with my students as sometimes it takes time for them to grab the concept but after treating several exam based questions, they get along.

I am the exact Maths tutor you need for your kid. With a lot of resources including audiovisuals, I will equip your kid to get an A.


I work currently as a Maths/Further maths/Technical drawing teacher in a college. As far as the syllabus is concerned, am very vast.I am ready to effectively help your child to scale through every Challenge in this aspect.

I have both my ND and HND in mechanical engineering in which I graduated as the best student in my field which makes me the tutor your child needs bcos of the skills and knowledge at my disposal

Over the years,I have personally handled different kinds of Students who had outstanding performances.YOUR CHILD IS NEXT!!!!

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  • HND Mechanical Engineering

    Oct 2011 - Sep 2013

    Lagos state polytechnic


  • Class/Subject Teacher

    Dec 2017 - Sep 2018

    Dampres private school

    Mathematics/Further Mathematics/Technical drawing Teacher.

  • Further Mathematics and Mathematics Tutor

    Nov 2016 - Present

    Prepclass Ng Ltd

    A lot of students find Mathematics very boring, so i aim to show them the opposite, and show them just how important what they study at school is. My lessons are fun and interactive because they incorporate a lot of demonstrations. This not only enthuses students but also helps in learning the material as the demonstrations are very memorable.

  • Maths/further maths/Basic Tech teacher

    Oct 2018 - Present

    Spring of knowledge schools

    I handle maths and further maths for the upper secondary students . I also take Basic Tech for Jss3

  • Maths/ Add maths tutor

    Apr 2019 - Present

    Datepark Edu

    Teach Igcse maths and Add maths , Primary and secondary checkpoint as well

  • Primary Checkpoint instructor

    Apr 2019 - Present

    MindSmith tutors

    Prepare clients for primary checkpoint exams

  • Add maths/Physics tutor

    Apr 2019 - Present

    OakStone tutors

    Teach Further Maths for Waec level and Add Maths for IGCSE, and physics for both Waec and IGCSE