Peter T.

Senior Secondary School Literature in English Tutor

Home tutor in Agege, Lagos

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WAEC English Language Tutor with over 15 Straight A's ex-students

Literature in English as a subject has always been a harder nut to crack for majority of students from the Department of Arts in secondary schools and for most potential students of Law and other Arts related courses in the face of entrance examinations. My passion for the subject however has always been a source and secret to demystifying the puzzles impeding successes connected to this subject at various examinations.

Most of my students had at one time or another attempted changing their courses to any other insofar as it doesn’t involve Literature in English before meeting me. Howbeit, in the end, they never regretted holding the forte as  I was always able to convince as much as assist them in achieving the expected success devoid of crookedness, contrary to the initial jaundiced opinion that they were perpetual failures.

I taught the subject for so many years successfully and decided to get my first certification two years ago in order for me to be regarded as a real professional rather than being a mere lover of the subject, as a larger chunk of most supposed teachers of the subject are today.

My experience at the secondary schools where I taught has always been quite nostalgic. Majority of my ex- students always want me back as a result of inadequate replacements for me. A lot of professionals have also been produced via my interest and love for the subject coupled with my dint of hard-work.

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I am a graduate of English from the University of Lagos.


I have about 20 years teaching experience working as an open and private tutor of English Language and Literature in English at various tutorial centers and private secondary schools in Lagos. I live in Lagos where I have been able to successfully tutor over a thousand students to pass various school examinations and national examinations.


My major strength lies in my rare skills of imparting knowledge to my students as they always remain highly motivated and successful even after my reign as their tutor


I am an Introvert, A Non-conformist, A Free-thinker, An Industrious, An Innovative, A Patient, A Lively Personality. I am a Trail-blazer and An Educationist Per Excellence!

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  • BA English Language

    Oct 2011 - Nov 2017

    University of Lagos


  • Subject Teacher

    Mar 2017 - Feb 2018

    Sachel College

    I write lesson notes, give lectures to students, give them aptitudes tests based on their lessons, assess them via the setting of examination questions, grade them by marking their examination scripts and counsel them where need be, especially as it relates to their performances in their aptitude tests and examinations.

  • Part-Time Subject Teacher

    Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

    Reima Royal College

    I prepare lessons and come around to dispense my prepared lesson.