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American Senior Secondary School Literature in English Tutor

Home tutor in Ikorodu, Lagos

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I take the hard work out of it. And make it memorable.  It's a practical subject and my approach is purely simple and concise.  It's a passion for me and I infuse my client with some of it.  I have won two awards for poetry composition and recitation. 


I train my students in the appreciation of poetry by the following techniques: 1.STRUCTURAL COMPOSITION: we treat different poems by studying the types of stanzas that form the poems if it is a couplet,triplet/tercet , quatrain,quitain,sestet,octave and so on. 2.LANGUAGE: We also analyze the level of comprehension if it is simple,complex, old,modern and such. 3.SETTING: The background or scenario of the poem on which it laid whether it is pastoral or city like . 4.MUSICAL EFFECTS: alliteration,assonance,repeatation,refrain,onomatopoiea,rhyme,and so on. 5.MOOD,6.TONE, 7.PLOT,8.THEME,9.RHYMING SCHEME ,10.LITERARY TERMS AND FIGURES OF SPEECH. I just not train my students to understand but to be poets themselves. I take the hard work out of it. And make it memorable.  It's a passion for me and I infuse my client with some of it. 


Come let's explore the world like Marco Polo and I assure you  it's going to be a learning adventure.......  Hurrah!

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I am a graduate of Education and Mathematics from the University of Lagos, I am passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge in general. I currently teach at  Alpha Rehoboth College.  I encourage my students to see each step of the teaching process as a dynamic way to develop their ideas and express their individual strength.


I approach challenges with a positive attitude, energy and enthusiasm. To me every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new. I enjoy bringing out the best in people. My life's principles are based on integrity and hard work In addition to having the patience to teach and also mentor, I believe mentoring is about building another person's self confidence, nurturing a child's  hidden talent and equipping him/her with tools required to become independent and self reliant.

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  • B.Sc Education & Mathematics

    Oct 2004 - Nov 2008

    University of Lagos

  • B.Sc Accountancy

    Sep 2010 - Oct 2015

    Lagos State University


  • Subject (Basic Science & Senior Biology Teacher)

    Oct 2008 - Aug 2011

    Bivrel Comprehensive College

    I served as a Biology teacher SS1-3 and a Basic Science Teacher for JSS 1-3 at the above stated school

  • Subject (Biology, Mathematics & Basic Science)Teacher

    Nov 2015 - Present

    Alpha Rehoboth College

    I currently teach at the above stated school as a subject teacher. I teach Biology, Mathematics and Basic Science at the above stated school.

  • Subject Teacher

    Sep 2011 - Nov 2015

    Hill Top College

    I worked as a subject teacher teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics,Mathematics & Further Mathematics for SS1-3

  • Lecturer Business Mathematics & Mathematics for Economics

    Jul 2009 - Oct 2014

    Olabisi Onabanjo University

    I worked as a part-time lecturer teaching Business Mathematics and Mathematics for Economics at the above stated school

  • Private Tutor

    Jun 2017 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    I currently work under the above stated organization as a private home tutor. I have taught several students since I begun working with them. I have prepared students for Igcse, GCE and Pre Degree