Adebisi G.

British Junior Secondary History Tutor

Home tutor in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

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British Junior Secondary History Tutor with 4 years Experience and 20 Straight A's and 2B's

I have extensive 4 years experience teaching history in Junior British Secondary School History.

My activities include planning of lesson notes, class management, inculcating of history skills and knowledge to students, engaging students in researched projects and presentations, excursion to historical sites, and preparing students for extra-curricula inter-school competitions.

Recently, my students emerged 2nd out of 50 Junior Secondary Schools involved in an International School History Competition. Apart from this, the critical reasoning skills, creative writing skills, and analytical skills involve in the study of history has simultaneously enhanced my students' performances in other litrary subjects. It was observed that most history students have writing and reasoning skills far greater than their peers in class.

I am interested in the teaching of history because it broaden knowledge and helps in development of the society in all ramifications. Seeing my students performing excellently in various academic challenges sprouts up joy within.

However, am always glad because at the end my objectives and goals to inculcate the practical skills and knowledge of history is being achieved.

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I am a graduate of History Education from Adekunle Ajasin University.

I have 4years impacting and productive experience of private tutoring and teaching in Handwriting, Mathematics, IHistory, English Language, SAT, IELTS and Creative Arts. I have successfully thought several students who have won several international quiz, competition and have outstanding points in their examinations.

My major strength is profound in impacting knowledge and building students skills related to my subject area where students eventually become successful in their academic careers.


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  • B.Ed Education

    Feb 2009 - Dec 2014

    Adekunle Ajasin University


  • Government Teacher

    Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

    Zino Group of School

    Ability to generate enthusiasm in the classroom by creating a stimulating learning environment. Keen to progress and eager to learn. Encouraging students to do better so that they can achieve their potential. Able to inspire students. Can make a personal connection individually with students. Possessing a good sense of humour. Resourceful and positive when solving problems.

  • Class teacher

    Sep 2016 - Jul 2018

    Eagles Comprehensive Schools

    I was able to inculcate knowledge, discipline, and ethics on pupils. I was able to change the handwriting of all my pupils into Nelson Style handwriting- a causive family handwriting. I was able to inculcate table manners, time manners, and speaking habit to my pupils. I thought Literacy, Social Studies, History, Civic Education, Art and Craftworks. I was able to manage the class effectively and able to make learning much easier through effective use of teaching and learning materials. I categorized my pupils into the learning domain they belong; the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains.

  • History, IELTS and English SAT Tutor

    Jan 2018 - Present

    Unique Tutorials

    Designed and implemented SAT study plans for individual students in consultation with parents and colleagues. Contributed to the development and updating SAT preparation materials on a regular basis. I'm usually referred to as a 'Guru' in IELTS as I produced students with IELTS score of up to 8.5 Analyzed individual student weaknesses to develop specific learning strategy goals. Tutored 6th-12th grade students to higher levels of achievement for the SAT, English, history, AP economics Maintained CRM database of all interactions with students and parents, scheduled appointments Communicated with parents regarding students' progress, unsold additional tutoring services.