Lawal A.

British Senior Secondary School Physics Tutor

Home tutor in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos

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A British senior secondary school tutor, with 6 years experience

In my little sojourn as a teacher, I have taught lots of students who are presently in various higher institution of learning within and outside Nigeria. Some of my duties as a tutor and teacher include to:

  1. Teach students physic and further mathematics.
  2. Take attendance of students present in the class.
  3. Conduct test and examinations for the students.
  4. Grade the students tests and examinations.
  5. Counsel and care for the students welfare and health issues.
  6. Write lesson notes and lesson plans of subjects to be taught.
  7. Give moral support to students and parents on child upbringing.
  8. Write termly student progressive report.
  9. Conduct practical classes.
  10. Coordinate all science related activities in the school.
  11. Manage assets in the laboratories.
  12. Prepare students for external and international examinations.
  13. Help students in planning a reading schedule.
  14. Assist in organising extra classes for the students.
  15. Discipline students with love and care.
  16. Assist and advice the students on career path to follow.



I am a graduate of physics Olabisi Onabanjo university. Currently running an MSc program at the university of ibadan, Oyo state in Radiation and Health physics. I hail from ijebu Ode but reside in Lagos state. I worked as a teacher and school tutor in a secondary school in Ibeju lekki,were I taught physics,Maths and furthermaths for 6 years.In addition to that, I have taught students in the upper primary school and junior high school sciences, mathematics and basic technology.  Skills that made me different from others are my ability to impact meaningfully and my listening skills. Looking forward to work with you to achieve excellence in your academic performance. 

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    Jun 2007 - Jan 2013

    Olabisi Onabanjo University

  • M.Sc Radiation Medicine

    Apr 2017 - Present

    University of Ibadan


  • Class/ subject teacher

    Sep 2013 - Present

    Malizzay private schools

    1. I write lesson plans for subjects taught 2. I teach physics, maths and further mathematics 3. I mark attendance 4. Set test and exam questions 5. Communicate students development with parents and school 6. Train students for external exams and competition 7. Prepare report sheets and lots more

  • Subject Teacher

    Apr 2017 - Oct 2018

    Fadhliomar high school,Manatan Ibadan

    1. Teach physics, Mathematics and Further mathematics 2. Conduct practical classes for Senior secondary students 3. Sets examinations and tests questions 4. Grade students scores 5. Assist educational challenged students 6. Assist in the moral upbringing of students 7. Communicate with parents as regards students development