Margaret A.

British Upper Primary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Lagos Mainland, Lagos

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British Upper Primary Mathematics Tutor

As a British Upper Primary Mathematics Tutor i ensure i teach my pupils' in a way that would learn to them having the ability to think logically, i always treat my pupils' uniquely because all pupils' differs which brings about individual differences, i ensure i also teach the the tactics needed to solve mathematics and quantitatives. i inculcate in them the ability to be a fast thinker and i use various methods for various topics in order for the pupils' to be able to learn, retain and retrieve with ease. i enjoy teaching mathematics and preparing pupils'for entrance examinations because it creates a platform for me to encourage my pupils' and also motivate them to bring out the best in them and also believe in themselves. i have worked with various pupils' in the past and they performed excellently well. i ensure i influence them to not just be sound academically  but to be sound in all of the domains of learning. i administer test weekly to enable me monitor my pupils' performance which would enable me evaluate where my pupils' has difficulties  and needs help in order to tackle anything that might pose as an hindrance for my pupils' excellent performance.  i enjoy tutoring and feel fulfilled when am being able to impact knowledge and also get an amazing result. i look forward to working with you. thanks

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I'm a graduate of University of Lagos where I studied Mathematics Education, prior to my first degree I did attend a Federal College of Education (Technical) where I studied  Mathematics and computer education.

My area of specialization is mathematics and I use various teaching method ranging from play way method to discovery method depending on the learner, class and topic to be taught. 

I am passionate about teaching because it provide the platform where I can positively impact learners. I have been teaching for over three years and I have worked with various learners. As an holistic tutor, I believe in all round growth and positive performance. 

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  • B.Sc Education & Mathematics

    Oct 2014 - Oct 2017

    University of Lagos

  • Computer Science and Mathematics

    Oct 2008 - Oct 2011

    Federal college of education (technical) bichi kano state


  • Private Tutor

    Feb 2018 - Aug 2019

    Erudite Brainsmith Personal Home Tutors

    As a private mathematics tutor I * Help tutees in preparation for test and examination. * Help inculcate in the tutees the pedagogical knowledge needed to understand mathematics with ease. * Help motivate my tutees. * Achieve an excellent and outstanding performance in all learning domain

  • Subject Teacher

    Feb 2016 - Feb 2017

    Eletu Odibo Junior High School

    Duties • taugt JSS1 and 2 students Mathematics. • coordinated the students and ensured I maintained a conducive environment for teaching and learning •Motivated the students and taught them in various ways that fostered better understanding of Mathematics with ease. •Set examination questions along side with my supervising teacher. •Marked and recorded the examination scripts • achieved an excellent performance from the students at the end of the term.