Akapo I.

British Upper Primary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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You are lucky to find me, a passionate teacher with a difference

My encounter with pupils preparing for common entrance and promotional examination has always  been transforming as the approach used has consistently given a positive result and feedback has been encouraging.

Pupils mathematical academic transformation over time has been achieved based on strategic rearrangement of syllabus  from simple to complex in a manner that prior knowledge are strengthened to challenge immediate task through problem solving thereby stimulating critical thinking  and then making learning to take place.

As part of my professional ethics , i always ensure that  child's learning is monitored and guided such that knowledge acquired is sustained for easy retention and retrieval.

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I am a graduate of chemistry and education from university of Lagos and a graduate of chemistry and mathematics from Adeniran Ogusanya college of education.

I am a Nigerian and i base in Lagos where i schooled and aquired  my certifications from primary to the tertiary level.

My expertise and skills in teaching and importing knowledge has made me to have taught at various level of education ranging from primary to the highest level of secondary education and subjects such as mathematics physics and chemistry.

I hope that my know how will qualify me for a job in your reputable organization.

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  • B.Sc Chemistry Education

    Oct 2012 - Jan 2016

    University of Lagos

  • Mathematics Education

    Apr 2007 - Nov 2010

    Adeniran College of Education - Lagos


  • Student teacher

    Jan 2009 - Apr 2009

    Alapere secondary school ijanikin

    Mathematics student teacher for ss1 Chemistry teacher for ss2 Responsibility to plan lessons on a daily basis and impart instructions on subjects in class. Responsibility to ensure that curriculum development and lesson planning activities are in sync with school predefined protocol. Responsible for the conduct of students behaviour during instructional periods. Responsible for assisting students with their respective individual assignments and academic challenge. Responsible for the preparation, supervision of Subject tests and examinations, and their subsequent grading and recording. Responsible for monitoring students progress and to ensure discipline at all times, within and outside the classroom. Responsible for the computation and preparation of students academic reports based on their respective performance. Responsibility of evaluating academic achievement as regards to performance and providing extra coaching to lacking students.

  • Mathematics teacher

    Nov 2010 - Aug 2011

    Sugarefield secondary school mabgon Badagry

    Mathematics teacher and class teacher for jss2 Responsible for the teaching of Mathematics to students in the senior secondary school. Responsible for keeping of students academic progress records. Responsible for the preparation of mathematics lesson according to the school curriculum. Responsible for the preparation of tests and examinations questions with their subsequent grading.

  • Class teacher

    Apr 2018 - Sep 2018

    Accolade house Montessori Montessori school

    Grade 6 class teacher Develop work schemes and implement lesson plans, using either the right Curriculum. Facilitated the creation of helpful learning environment by maintaining a calm, patient demeanor.

  • Chemistry teacher

    Apr 2016 - Apr 2017

    Sultan Atiku secondary School

    Chemistry teacher Preparation and delivering of documents and creating database Impacting adequate knowledge on students Preparing Students Weekly Reports

  • Class teacher

    Jan 2018 - Apr 2017

    Learning path school

    Grade 5 class teacher Develop work schemes and implement lesson plans, using either the National or British Curriculum. Facilitated the creation of helpful learning environment by maintaining a calm, patient demeanor.

  • Quality assurance

    Nov 2018 - Present

    Kunumi foods & co

    Quality assurance Worked with the offshore team, and was able to accomplish set goals with the team. Hands on seismic interpretations, structural geology, volumetric analysis. Pore pressure fracture gradient modeling, seismic-well ties.