Akpan V.

Senior Secondary School Accounting Tutor

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Senior Secondary School Accounting Tutor with 5 years experience and outstanding best performance students.

I have taught over 50 students in the last five years with excellent performance in their examinations. I love Accounting so much because it reminds me of the great personality I am which is to be reckoned with. My love for Accounting has made me so passionate in tutoring the upcoming generation because it motivates me to imbibe in them qualitative Accounting techniques.

As a matter of fact, accounting is very necessary as well as mandatory in our day-to-day activities; which is why it is very important to be acquainted its techniques.

My students never fail because my passion for this subject drives me and gives me an edge over other tutors, the secret being that, I have different teaching and learning styles or skills for each student, ie, Student A's level of comprehension is very different from that of C's; I have the ability to study each of my student's level of comprehension and attach them with their different teaching and learning skills as well.

I am 100% convinced that as a tutor, I give my all towards the actualization of my students' excellent performances.


I am a graduate of Educational Management from Ekiti State University.

I have been able to tutor over 50 students over 5 years with excellent performances. Besides, I am a Sunday School tutor where I tutor over 200 people in the congregation. I have gained mastery in my confidence and most especially in my subject areas because I tutor to the understanding of my students.

My excellent skills have made me stand out in my career and the success of my students is the reason why I devote my all to the betterment of my students.

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  • B.Sc Educational Management

    Feb 2012 - Oct 2016

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti


  • Student-Teacher

    Jun 2014 - Jul 2014

    Ayetoro-Iloro High School, Iloro-Ekiti, Ekiti State

    I prepared my lesson notes each day, I taught my students to their best understanding, I give take-home assignments to test their level of comprehension. I also organize class tests and quiz to enhance their productivity, I prepare the examination questions and evaluate them in their score-sheets. Finally, I groom them to understand their capabilities

  • Student-Teacher

    Jun 2015 - Jul 2015

    Ekiti Parapo College, Ido-Ekiti, Ekiti State

    As a student-teacher, I assisted the subject teacher by taking the lessons, I taught different arms in the classes. I participated in some of the sports, keeping the students fit. Finally, I ensured the students understood the lesson taught.