British Pre-Primary & Lower Primary General Tutor

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British Pre-primary and Lower Primary General Tutor with 3 years of excellence in teaching.

My experience as a British Pre-primary and Lower Primary Tutor, spans across 3 years of diligence in ensuring that the educational  foundation of every learner under my tutelage is well-built. It is my desire that the educational foundation of a learner be solid and he or she must have well understood the rudiments of learning so as to have a solid foundation for the future.

I have been able to work with learners of ages 1-8, teaching them the rudiments of learning in various subjects such as Literacy, Maths Skills, Science, Geography, etc. I have been able to ensure that  learners participate thoroughly in learning activities and that the best is brought out of every child. I have been able to guide learners in building on subjects that demonstrate their strength, while making the other subjects simplified as much as possible, using various measures in making such subjects more attractive to them.

I have been able to tutor learners of varying learning needs, and I have seen how 90 percent of seemingly low and learners under much tutelage have been able to make it up to being high fliers in their classes while also spurring the high fliers not  to settle for less. This for me is a great achievement. All efforts have been seen in the excellent results produced by the students both at the Pre-primary and Primary Levels of education. Their outstanding performances in all subject areas is a reoccurring one, which is continuous, progressive and tremendously motivating to me as a tutor.


I am a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, from the department of Urban and regional planning. 


My teaching experience in Geography and other related subjects for three years within and outside Lagos state, has afforded me the opportunity of meeting with students of various schools with different learning needs and abilities. My passion for teaching has offered me the privilege of meeting those needs, alongside sharpening the skills and abilities of each student, thereby bringing out the best in them.


Having taught a large number of learners both at the primary and secondary levels of education, preparing them for both internal and external examinations , their outstanding performances give me a sense of fulfillment as learning is fun to the students while imparting knowledge is  also fun as well as fulfillment  to me as teacher.l

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  • B.Tech Urban and Regional Planning

    Nov 2011 - Oct 2016

    Ahmadu Bello University


  • Classroom Teacher

    May 2017 - Apr 2018

    Government Girls Secondary School, Yargaya, Kano State.

    - I prepared lesson notes for both Geography and Civic Education. - I taught Geography at the senior section and Civic Education at the junior section of the school. - I prepared and marked internal examination questions for the students and I also prepared them for external examinations.

  • Assistant Teacher

    May 2009 - Jul 2011

    Glorious Vision Nursery and Primary School

    - Create interesting lesson notes based on the school's curriculum. - Helped with learning task as appropriate to pupils needs. - Marking every class work under the direction of a class teacher. - Assisting the teacher with general learning activities in the classroom. - Assisting the teacher in liaising with parents concerning the school, the child and learning related issues.

  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2019 - Present

    Salem International school

    - As a classroom teacher, I facilitate learning, individually and collectively in the classroom. - I ensure that every child's abilities, are fully harnessed mentally, physically, socially and otherwise. - I help every child in developing curiosity and knowledge. - I help every child develop numerically, literally, sensorially and in all other spheres of their development.