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WAEC Literature in English Tutor

Literature in English mirrors life in its entirety, hence, it is literature that helps us view the society as it truly is, nay objectively. More so, Literature helps us to experience and gain exposure into culture from other climes near or far; thus, through the reading of literary texts we take a peek into events and activities that occur in other geographical milieus.

Most writers, apparently, are products of one culture or the other and through their idiosyncrasies( style ) they evince to their readers aesthetics of their homeland nay cultures to mention but a few; this is one of the myriads of things we stand to gain as we study literature. Anti- colonial writers otherwise known as Afrocentrics like Achebe, Soyinka, C. Okigbo, Clarke, Armah, Parton, P. Abraham, Ngugi and so forth have used their seminal works to evince the aesthetics in African culture... also themes in anti- colonialism and post- colonial influences on the so- called nationalists are not left out.

The following are works that respectively and judiciously corroborate the aforementioned: Things Fall Apart, Death and the King Horseman, The Labyrinth, A Reed in the Tide, The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, Cry Beloved Country, A Wreath for Udomo, Devil's on the Cross/ Stanley Meets Mutesa, etc. Having said all these, we need to take Literature as a liberating experimentation and not just an academic subject or experience leaving us utterly indignant.

I, therefore, urge us to study literature passionately so that it becomes leisure and I promise that its benefits certainly will outweigh its impediment ranging from exposure gained into people stories, mellifluosnesses of language, dialectics, vocabulary and grammatical intricacies unravelled, punctuations, figures of speech, Creative Writing techniques are few of varieties we stand to gain.

It still baffles me though, that many students in contemporary times become victims of Literature  in their exams rather than victors; it is rather unfortunate, since it is something that syncretically affords us glamour and cognition. I believe we can scale through the huddles , if you agree to take up your pen and pad and follow me as I have the key to unlock every literary doors. Can't wait to see you join me in this invaluable adventure....

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I am a graduate of English Language and Literary Studies from Federal University Oye-Ekiti. I am currently doing a master of Art in English Literature in University of Lagos. I have transverse both Northern and Southern divide of Nigeria consequent upon Academic and service to humanity. My experience from mobility is enriching, which I won't leave out in our encounters.

I have taught and helped numerous students pass their examinations which includes IELTS,  TOEFL, SAT, UTME, WASSCE and equivalent, BECE, JSCE, COMMON ENTRANCE et al.

English Language,  Literature, and Creative Writing are my forte. I also teach other subjects in the arts, humanities and social sciences as well as Basketball and Body Fitness Coaching. I adopt British and American curriculum, and I employ pragmatic approach and techniques in teaching.

This is my Sixth year in the field and I currently work freelance as a tutor in English, Literature, Creative Writing, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT etal.

My spoken English and Literary skills are highly remarkable and are just a few of all I promise to offer; I look forward to meeting you.

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  • BA English and Literary Studies

    Aug 2011 - Nov 2015

    Federal University, Oye-Ekiti

  • M.Sc English and Literary Studies

    Jul 2021 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • English & Literature Tutor

    Aug 2018 - Present

    Briggs' Gates Comprehensive College

    I helped prepare and excel students for BECE/JSCE, O' Level Exams and JUTME as well as increase reading culture and how to write creatively among students....

  • Tutor in English and Literary Studies

    Feb 2016 - Jan 2018

    Rehoboth Comprehensive Model Science Academy

    I helped motivate and prepare students for promotional exams. I also helped as an Editorial Chairman in publication of annual 'Pace Setter' magazine....

  • ielts tutor

    Nov 2018 - May 2019

    Private home lesson

    Taught and prepared the learner for IELTS exam

  • Ielts Tutor

    Jun 2016 - Nov 2016

    Private Home Lesson

    Taught and prepared learner for the IELTS exam

  • Tutor

    May 2018 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutors

    Proficient IELTS Tutor


    Nov 2019 - Dec 2019


    I helped prepare a couple for their IELTS in the General Training Test which will help fastrack their visa application to Canada. First, we learn the techniques and then the rules of IELTS which are basic in other to score a band not lower than 7.5. I also help them in improving their pronunciation of English words as against the bandwagon or status quo.

  • IELTS Tutor

    Nov 2019 - Present


    I have helped my students efficiently improved in her writing skills as she needed it to doubly suffice for her ICAN professional exam as well as the IELTS....

  • Tutor and Coach

    Mar 2018 - Present

    TUTERIA (online tutorial platform)


  • Tutor and Coach

    Mar 2018 - Present


    I helped prepare pupils and students on Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, UTME, WASCCE, BECCE et al. I also helped coach in Basketball...

  • Tutor and coach

    Nov 2019 - Present


    I helped prepare students individually for IELTS with proven success stories. My students ranges from singles, couples, young and adult learners alike....