Kelechi A.

Pre-Primary & Lower Primary Tutor

Home tutor in Alimosho, Lagos

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Pre-primary & lower primary tutor with a passion for impacting knowledge.

I taught English Language at Moba Grammar school in Ekiti state for a duration of 1 year. I was able to teach and educate the students on proper use of words in sentences and in speech, also to read, compose letters and spelling of words through periodic dictations, letter writing, tests, assignments and exams.

There were visible improvements in the students especially in the areas of speaking, reading, spelling, tests, exams and interacting with one another why because it is a Yoruba speaking state and they tend to communicate with the students more in  their mother tongue, making it hard for the students to understand or know how to speak English correctly. It was an experience for me and a fulfilling one to see improvements in the students.

I am very passionate about teaching and impacting knowledge in my students and also bringing out the best in students and also making sure they attain success and excellence.


. I’m a graduate of the University of Benin where I studied Linguistics and African Languages.

I am passionate about teaching and impacting knowledge and above all I am a lover of children. I am very patient, a good listener and observer making sure that results are achieved.

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  • BA Linguistics and Languages

    Sep 2009 - Apr 2013

    University of Benin


  • English Teacher

    Aug 2014 - Aug 2015

    Moba Grammar School

    Teaching the students and impacting knowledge