Sesan O.

Junior Secondary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Kosofe, Lagos

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Mathematics Expert with 3 years teaching experience

Generally, most students are scared of mathematics and as a result perform badly in the subject. As a graduate of Statistics, the interest in teaching mathematics to someone has always been my passion because I have realized that people don't pay attention to their mathematical skills and it is relevant in the economy.


Over the years, I have developed listening ears to such students thereafter making them see Mathematics in every aspect of life. This has resulted over the years in having students interested in mathematics and its application to modern day life.


I developed plans based on the curriculum and textbooks to teach in a way that simplifies difficult aspect to such students. Out of every 10 students that are scared of the subject, 8 have developed passion and can put their mind in solving any mathematical problem. It is my desire that all my students have a solid foundation in this subject at the early stage of their academic careers.


  I am a graduate of Statistics from the Federal university of Technology, Akure (FUTA). I grew up in lagos. I engaged in taking tutorial classes for undergraduate student in courses related to mathematics and statistics. During my youth service between March 2018 - March 2019, I was able to tutor secondary school students in senior classes for examinations in mathematics and further mathematics while in junior classes I tutor them in mathematics only. I enjoy imparting knowledge.

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  • B.Tech Statistics

    Nov 2012 - Nov 2017

    Federal University of Technology, Akure


  • Mathematics teacher

    Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

    New Day College

    I teach topics in mathematics to senior secondary students utilizing core curriculum and appropriate curriculum publications as guidelines in teaching individual topic content. I also develop lesson plans and appropriate instructional aids. I help each student develop competence in basic mathematical skills and an understanding of the structure of mathematics and motivate each student to apply mathematical understanding and skills to solve real life problems that they encounter on a daily basis.