Abimbola F.

Junior Secondary Science Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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Junior Science Tutor with 1 year experience

During my service year, I was posted to a school where I was assigned to be a subject teacher. It was my first experience teaching a large group of students. Initially it was a bit challenging but with the support and advice from my senior colleagues I was able to improve upon myself. I believe every teaching session is a new discovery and a good learning experience for both me and my students.

My daily activities involved drafting lesson notes and teaching outlines in which I introduce the topic being taught in a creative way then explicitly treat the topic. I create an environment where I engage the students in discussions on the topic being taught, this helps them gain the confidence to speak up and have their own opinions in class. I administered quarterly test and used the grades to monitor the students performance as well as to improve my teaching methods. I held tutoring sessions after school for students who were lagging behind in class. I always want to benefit from the students I work with as much as possible, therefore welcome suggestions students or parents can provide.

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I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a Bachelor's degree in Zoology.

I can conveniently teach subjects like Mathematics, Agricultural Science and Basic Science. I have taught students from age  6 to 15years for 2years. I am an enthusiastic teacher and I greatly enjoy making a difference to each student both in education and confidence. 

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  • B.Sc Zoology

    Nov 2010 - Apr 2015

    Obafemi Awolowo University


  • Tutor

    Jan 2018 - Jan 2019

    Dee Tutors

    As a tutor , I teach the students Mathematics and Basic Science. I use lesson plans and notes to introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then explicitly teach the materials. Afterwards I always ensure to create time for students to practice the materials on their own. I monitor the students' academic growth and also inform their parents of their children's progress.

  • Subject Teacher

    May 2016 - Apr 2017

    Lydia International School

    As a subject teacher, I taught the students Basic Science. I used lesson plans and notes to introduce the topic in a fun and creative way, then explicitly teach the topic. Afterwards, I assess each student by giving them tests. I also monitor the students' academic growth.

  • Social Development Officer

    Jan 2018 - Present

    Empowerment for Help in Africa Initiative

    As a social development officer, I perform routine visitations to local poor communities in search of young adult and single mothers. I plan, attend and coordinate various charity events.