Emmanuel Y.

Junior Secondary Science Tutor

Home tutor in Yaba, Lagos

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Grade A Junior Secondary Science Tutor, passionate in developing academic minds

I encourage my students in learning according to my strategized approach, which involves; tutorials, personal reading, quiz and also test them at the end of each topic, so as to ensure their keen understanding of what they have been thought.

All my students can boost of a change in the way they see Science related problems after spending time with me, because I choose not to assume any of my student already knows a topic or might have been taught about it, Instead, I elaborately explain all the required information to my students, and create an environment for discussion, and also questions.

I've tutored students preparing for Junior WAEC and those still in Junior Secondary School, with great success and improvement in each student. I also try to engage the student in learning Science topics and it's calculations in a fun way, so as to keep them interested in garnering more knowledge.

I believe that with my expertise, I can influence your child/ward into developing a passion for Science thus, transform him/her into a scholar, with enough knowledge to guide them in the advanced Science fields,such as Physics and Chemistry.

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I am a student of mechanical engineering in the University of Lagos, with 3yrs of teaching experience, having thought in schools(both in Ogun state and Lagos state)  and private lessons( in Lagos state and Delta state), before gaining admission.

I specialize in teaching Physics, Chemistry, Further mathematics and General mathematics to SSS and JSS students, Basic mathematics, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning to Primary pupils, and also teach Literacy and Numeracy to the early beginners 

My perculiar skills of impacting knowledge and discipline  remain my major strength,as my students turn out as progidies, both academically and socially.

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  • B.ENG Mechanical Engineering

    Nov 2016 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • Teacher

    Sep 2016 - Jan 2018

    Toijas School

    Created interactive Maths lessons and taught them in diverse educative ways

  • Private tutor

    Jan 2016 - Mar 2019

    Private tutorial

    I helped prepared my students for external exams, such as promotional, and external exams, of which they all passed with excellent results