Samuel B.

Junior Secondary English Tutor

Home tutor in Lekki, Lagos

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Student-friendly English Language teacher with laudable achievement

As an English tutor, I competently teach every aspect of English Language namely grammar, vocabulary development, speech work/oral English, listening, reading, and literature. My students develop in every area of the subject. I ensure I teach English Language not as a subject but as a means of expression so that students can relate flexibly with it. I monitor the spoken English of my students and ensure their words are appropriately chosen and their sentences are grammatical as well as the pronunciations of these words. I often remind them to instantly put into practice whatever they learn in the English Studies/Language class.



The first set of secondary school students I taught English Language from J.S.S.1 to S.S.3 graduated this year making excellent grades in WAEC GCE, WASSCE, JAMB AND POST JAMB English Language examinations. My greatest achievement in my nine years in teaching has always been explaining English Language lesson contents to my students in the most practical way they find absolutely easy to understand. With this approach, they do not only excel in English Language examinations but also experience quality improvements in other subjects as their general literacy skills are awesomely developed in such a way that communicating to others their ideas and thoughts becomes quite easy for them. 


I am a graduate of English and Education, University of Lagos (Second Class Upper Division) and I'm about to round off my Master'sprogramme at the University of Lagos studying English (Language).

I have had 9 years of teaching experience as an English Language, Literature-in-English, and Phonics teacher in junior and senior secondary schools with commendable results as well as in tutoring candidates writing various external examinations various kinds. 


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  • BA Education And English Language

    Sep 2011 - Dec 2015

    University of Lagos


  • Classroom Teacher of Common Entrance Class

    Aug 2010 - Aug 2012

    Builders Stone School

    I maintained complete and almost accurate records of each student’s academic, spiritual, social, and emotional growth. I planned, documented and carried out daily lessons that aligned to the adopted school curriculum as well as the student-based curriculum. I recognized the needs of individual students and the group at large. I introduced consistent and logical limits, expectations, and classroom routines for students to allow for maximization of learning. I encouraged my pupils to maximize the use of the study time introduced for effective reading. I handled stressful situations with grace, patience, understanding, and flexibility.

  • English Studies Student-Teacher

    Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

    International School, University of Lagos

    I planned, prepared and delivered lessons with e-learning aids. I helped pupils improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via individual and group sessions. I checked and assessed pupils' work. I frequently reported to my H.O.D. and learnt from her assessments. I invigilated students during examinations.

  • Students’ Welfare Agent and English Studies Teacher

    Jan 2014 - Dec 2015

    Builders Stone School

    I established a cordial relationship with every teacher in the school in order to get immediate reports and feedbacks about their pupils. I contacted via phone call the parents of any pupil reported to be absent to know his/her well-being. I closely monitored, with the assistance of other teachers, every pupil especially during sports or immediately after school hour to ensure their safety. I applied first aid treatment and report emergency issues to the school management. I followed-up or sometimes, with the permission of the school, visit any pupil reported to be away from school for more than two days. I Managed incoming calls and parents’ service inquiries. I prepared coursework with e-learning facilities and, assignments for classes. I assessed tests, essays and reports, and other writing assignments. I held one-on-one conferences with students to keep them on track as necessary especially when assessing their essay works. I met with parents or guardians to discuss students’ academic progress, remedial issues and behavior problems when necessary.

  • Librarian and English Language Teacher

    Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

    Builders Stone School

    I assisted individuals find and use library materials and resources.  I obtained, classify, and cataloged resources, with the help of the Assistant Librarian, for the library manually and with the aid of a computer system.  I oversaw the management of the library.  I gave the Management of the school necessary and relevant updates and reports.  I assisted readers to use computer equipment, conduct literature searches.  I checked books and other materials in and out of the library.

  • English Language and Literature-in-English Teacher

    Jan 2018 - Dec 2019

    Builders Stone School

    I developed and deliver lesson plans that utilize a broad range of appropriate teaching techniques and strategies. I evaluated student's academic and personal growth keeping appropriate records, and prepare progress reports. I held one-on-one conferences with students to keep them on track as necessary.

  • English Studies Teacher

    Jan 2019 - Aug 2019

    Davebrook Schools

    Same duties as others.  I submitted e-learning note for assessment.  I utilized the e-learning facilities to deliver lessons.  I evaluated students with numerous e-quizzes.

  • Phonics and Story-telling Teacher

    Jan 2019 - Aug 2019

    Davebrook Schools

    I taught the pupils the rudiment of pronunciations. I told them a lot of stories.