Akintunde A.

Upper Primary Math Tutor

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Upper Primary Math Tutor

Numbers are like puzzle to some pupils, they see them as abstract entities which has led to not seeing Maths as a pleasurable subject. With a specialty for upper primary class, I have learned to take away the puzzle that exists in pupils' mind as regards Mathematics and replace them with love for mathematics. 

Training pupils with a system of accuracy unto perfection is what I do. I ensure that pupils with difficulty and challenges in maths come to a round table with me discussing and analyzing their challenges before carrying out the appropriate methods for learning. 

Many pupils who were confused, afraid and not confident can now face math eye to eye not as an enemy but a fun activity to always try out. Using diverse method in taking maths, this has led to many pupils reviving their passion about mathematics. 

Many pupils who felt being enslaved by maths have come out to dominate in mathematics even among their peers also.  

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Having obtained my first degree in Chemistry from University of Ilorin, I have been working since then as a teacher of Little children due to my style and simplicity in teaching . Taking pupils in primary class (Upper primary precisely), with 3 years of working experience. I have prepared numerous pupils for National Common Entrance Examination.

A key fact about me is my system of communication and skill of imparting knowledge in little children. 

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  • B.Sc Chemistry

    Oct 2012 - Oct 2016

    University of Ilorin


  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2017 - Apr 2019

    Cedrus Academy Nursery and Primary School.

    As the class teacher for year 3 my responsibility was to teach the pupils numerous subjects(Mathematics, English studies, Basic science etc) excluding ICT, French, Ballet and a few other subjects. This was done via audiovisual method and kinaesthetic method of teaching. As need arose in Year 5, I was transferred to this class where I had to prepare the pupils for common entrance exam. With the use of the required textbooks(Ugo. C. Ugo) and several online mode of test, several drills were utilised.

  • Class Educator

    Jan 2017 - Apr 2019

    Cedrus Academy Nursery and Primary school

    Being the class teacher for year 3,I taught the pupils numerous subjects with the inclusion of Basic science, Mathematics, English studies, Agricultural Science and a few more subjects. This was done using audiovisual and kinaesthetic method of teaching.Due to my expertise with core subjects I was transferred to Year 5 where I was given the task to prepare the pupils for National Common Entrance Examination. The utilisation of the required textbooks were used to prepare the pupils. Online drills were employed so as to test the pupils in diverse area of subjects.