Jon B.

Common Entrance Math Tutor

Home tutor in Obio/Akpor, Rivers

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21st century Mathematics tutor

As a mathematics teacher, successfully I have coached 8 Checkpoint examination candidates. Over a period of 6 years I have prepared over 40 pupils for examination into high school. 

In the course of preparing learners for common entrance examination, I ensured all topics featured in various common entrance texts were covered thoroughly. To achieve this, I ensured learners' learned how to critically think and resolve mathematical problems. 

Furthermore, I teach learners mathematical tricks so as to better their speed in question solving because, knowing what the solution to a mathematical problem is and not solving it would not earn you a mark. So far, the success rate of my learners in various common entrance examinations has been above 90%.   

Teaching mathematics and helping learners excel in any examination is not the sole aim of my decision to coach learners but to also grow the love for mathematics. Making them appreciate the fact that mathematics is part of our everyday life and is the simplest subject to learn. 


I am a graduate from the prestigious citadel of learning Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, where I bagged a second class upper degree in Animal Science. I also studied PGDE (Mathematics) to equip me better in teaching /tutoring students. 

I am a resident of Port Harcourt. 

I have over 6 years of experience teaching and tutoring pupils and students in the area of , Mathematics, biology, Agricultural science, geography, Basic science and technology and English language.

Successfully I have tutored several learners preparing for both common entrance, national and checkpoint international examinations. 

I have superb communication and analytical skills which aids me transfer knowledge to my learners effortlessly. My learners see me as a role model as I make learning fun and not a boring ugly necessity. 


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  • B.Tech Animal Science

    Jan 2008 - Apr 2013

    federal university of agricuntur, makurdi

  • B.Tech Education & Mathematics

    Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

    National Teachers Institute


  • Head Teacher

    Apr 2017 - Present

    Topkids Nursery and Primary School

    1. Designed school curriculum 2. Supervised teacher's daily activities. 3. Taught mathematics in Basic 3,4 and 5 4. Trained teachers on how to effectively plan and prepare a note of lesson 5. Prepared the pupils in basic 5 for external examinations(national and internal examinations)

  • Biology, Mathematics and Agricultural Science Tutor

    Jul 2017 - Present

    Prepclass Home Tutor

    I love giving students resources that i create and go out of my way to create those resources for students. I don't believe in the common teaching methods of memorization and doing things like a robot. I want students to think about problems and understand problems on a fundamental level so they can go on and do better in whatever they decide to pursue.