Oluwatomisona K.

Pre-Primary & Lower Primary Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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Pre-primary and lower primary educator

I have a passion for teaching children in the early childhood stage and lower primary. I have been a member of this honorable profession for almost 6 years teaching both in schools and as a home tutor. I have acquired and i'm still acquiring knowledge through training and cpd courses. My lessons are child centered and activity based which helps the pupils inculcate what is taught.

I love using phonics to teach pupils because if they are introduces to sounds first then it helps them with their diction which in turns helps their reading speaking skills. Children who read are more inquisitive about the world around them and would always thirst for more knowledge. I have observed that teaching math skills to pupils help them develop problem solving skills, language,  number sense and shapes which is the foundation for more learning to occur.

I also teach the pupils to recognize and respect the physical, social and emotional development of themselves and their friends. I have worked with various age groups of children between ages 1-7,  i know their developmental and academic milestones and can work based on and also around those milestones if necessary. If you are hire me then you are hiring an individual who cares about your child a lot and not just educationally.


I am a graduate of psychology from covenant University, presently doing my masters in developmental psychology at the University of Ibadan.

I have 3-4 years of experience of working with children in formal settings such as school and at home as a home tutor. I work with children in nursery and primary school; which means I can handle any subject in their curriculum. 

My special skill when working with children is the passion and motivation I invest into educating them and the fact that each child is special.

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  • M.Sc Psychology

    May 2017 - Present

    University of Ibadan

  • B.Sc Psychology

    Sep 2009 - Jul 2013

    Covenant University


  • Class teacher

    Sep 2016 - May 2017

    Watersprings international School,

    Prepared children for key stage 1 by introducing concepts they will explore further in higher primary classes. I planned and carried out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as language, motor, and social skills. Organized activities so children could learn about the world, explore interests and develop talents. Developed schedules and routines to ensure children have enough physical activity, rest and playtime. Watched for signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring problems to the attention of the School authority. Kept records of the students’ progress, routines, interests, children's overall development.

  • Administrative manager

    Nov 2015 - Jul 2016

    Haggai Institute alumni association

    General Planning of National and State Seminars, being present and taking minutes at monthly meetings. Daily running of the Secretariat, handle correspondence from the chairman and executive members to other members of the association.

  • class teacher

    Nov 2013 - Oct 2014

    Watersprings international School

    provide resources needed for daily class activities, Attend to children's basic needs, teach them identification of colors, numbers and shapes; personal hygiene, social skills and pronunciation of Jolly phonics sounds. I organized and lead activities that were designed to promote physical, mental, social and emotional development. I observed, assessed, and evaluated the children's behavior, performance and social skills then discussed areasnowhere intervention was needed with my coordinator. I prepared the classroom displays for the term or special events. I attended jolly phonics training which. I created lesson notes for each lesson at the beginning of the term with clear objectives, teaching methods and the appropriate instructional materials to meet the learning needs unique to each child.

  • Educator

    Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

    Crystal County School

    Developing a careful and creative program suitable for preschool children Employing a variety of educational techniques (storytelling, educational play, media etc.) to teach children Observing each child to help them improve their social competencies and build self-esteem