Mordi E.

Common Entrance English Tutor

Home tutor in Municipal Area Council, Abuja

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Dilligent English Teacher

My activity as a teacher in the past are quite a few but not limited to the following: Assign and grade classwork, assessment,test and assignment.To teach pupils according to their individual needs and assimilation and also to implement educational guidelines to help them to fulfill their potentials. I have some remarkable testimonies about preparing pupils for English Language. My past achievements are preparing pupils for the current Common Entrance Exams and also gearing up pupils for the forth coming Common Entrance Exams. I have been teaching English for over 5 Years. Pupils I have taught in the past for Common Entrance have been admitted into good schools. My interest in teaching English Language is that, it allows the pupils to appropriately express themselves and also, the subject, English Language gives the pupils the unique opportunity to enhance their vocabulary which is the basis for learning and understanding other subject. Pupils that I teach usually enjoy studying English Language.


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I am a graduate of the Lagos State University  where I obtained  a degree in International Relations & History Studies. I have being teaching and tutoring for the past 7years where I have undergone series of trainings. My strength is teaching puipls to read,write in English and solve mathematics. I enjoy teaching the early and primary stage where I can impact confidence and knowledge on the pupil

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  • BA History and International Studies

    Mar 2003 - Nov 2008

    Lagos State University


  • Class Teacher

    Sep 2018 - Jan 2020

    Bellevue Elementary School

    Taught using the EYFS curriculum Promote and Implement the agreed School ethics. Prepare required reports on pupils and their activities. Manage Pupils behavior in the Classroom. Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress.

  • Class Teacher

    Sep 2014 - Aug 2018

    Blooming Heritage School

    Plan, Prepare and Deliver Lesson Plans using the EYFS CURRICULUM Use relevant Technologies to support and aid tutoring. Plan and Organize an appropriate Programme in a Learning Environment. To teach Pupils according to their individual needs and Assimilation.