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Many students often preconceive mathematics as a tough subject. Hence, I make a real effort to add life to my presentation. I think my enthusiasm and excitement about math helps students see that maybe it is not so terrible. At least I want students to be able to enjoy math enough that they don't hate it in life. 

I always encourage my students to avoid the urge to cram. Math builds on itself so much. I find students struggle with a higher level of math because they don't remember what they learned before because they took the ' la cram la pour' approach and brain dumped it.

It'd be better if students would start, from the beginning of the math career, realising that they really need to remember everything they learn. Yes, everything! That is where a competent tutor can help. It is my job to help students figure out the most important things to learn. So, when I am tutoring, and we come across an important thing the students should remember I'll say, ' Take note of this because you are going to need it for a very long time.'

The most important thing that I have learned in all my tutoring career is that all students are different. Whatever works for one, it never works for another. They have different learning styles. So, I have learned to adjust my approach to suit the needs of the students.

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Dear esteemed clients,

Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm a Master's graduate of Radiation and Health Physics.

I have a true passion for teaching Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. I have been tutoring for 6 years and have had great success with my students, ranging from high school to college-age and non-traditional students.

I began tutoring by helping other students in my high school classes. At the University of Ilorin, I tutored a group of first-year students in math courses (Calculus and Trigonometry). Also, I helped a fellow student raise score from an F to an A-grade in a 200-level math course (differential equations, an extension of calculus).

In post-graduate school, I instructed undergraduate courses in calculus-based Physics and chemistry. In 2017, I took a position with a tutoring company ‘Baum Template’ where I worked one-on-one with a student for WAEC, NECO, IGSCE and UTME exams.

I prefer one-on-one tutoring and enjoy engaging my students with fun and challenging problems. I like to apply math to real-world situations to allow my students to fully understand the relevance and necessity of knowing math and apply it in their day-to-day activities.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  • M.Sc Physics

    Mar 2016 - Nov 2017

    University of Ibadan

  • B.Sc Physics

    Oct 2008 - Jul 2012

    University of Ilorin


  • Physics/Further Math Instructor

    Jan 2019 - Present


    . Tutored a WAEC/NECO Candidate one-on-one for six months to achieve A-grade in Physics. . Helped a UTME candidate to raise score in Physics to 80/100.