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French Language Tutor with 9 years Experience.

I became grounded in French due to the preliminary French education foundation. Been in Ivory Coast since the early 1990s, has inculcated lots of French cultures in me. This gave me the privilege to be proficient in the language more than English. I mingle, relate, interact and transact in French and various local, international and professional French indigenes and they hardly believe that I am a Nigerian due to my native speaker proficiency skills in French.

Furthermore, due to the love I have for French, I always make sure people around me have that bilingual instinct in them. During my school days, I was the most outstanding French student in school. I discovered that most of my colleagues find it difficult to learn French, and then I took it upon myself as a voluntary effort and contribution to my immediate environment to make sure they become proficient in the language, over 30 of them participated and today they are fluent in French.

Currently, I am teaching a number of corporate individuals French language such as cooperate and professional individuals (European Union, civil society, foreign affair and among others), school students and, youths groups (national youth service corps).

Language learning is very crucial at this bilingual age. This days, most countries are inter-dependent on one and another. It has become more imperative and important for individuals to learn French language, because it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Learning French will enable you effectively liaised with citizens of related countries on business platforms and intermediate relationship.

For instance having proficiency make it easier for one to relate and engage in business mediation with French societies. And also makes you more feel acceptable in French speaking communities.



I did my elementary studies in French language, due to lack of English schools doing the 1990s. But due to my parents love for English language, I was asked to switch over to English, this led me to Ghana where I enrolled in a boarding school to start my English school. Whiles, in Ghana, French was a compulsory subject which someone must past before been promoted to another class and even necessary in WAEC.  I took it upon myself to organize classes/extra moral lesson in other to enable students to get acquainted with the language, French is a language you must keep learning in other to be fluent. More so, during my stay in Nigeria, I also organized lessons for people,  I love sharing the knowledge to people around me. I also wanted people to know the language, in other for amicable relationship when they travel to French countries.

However, I have native speaker proficiency in French and also very fluent. I'm also a certified graduate of the institute français du Nigeria. I have a diligent method of teaching French  with understanding. 


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  • B.Sc History and International Studies

    Jan 2012 - Aug 2016

    Renaissance University


  • Human Rights educator

    Aug 2017 - Present

    Pam peniel initiative for Africa

    At pamia initiative is an NGO which comprises of educators who sensitize and engage people on Human Rights, good governance and peace. l educated youths, communities dwellers and students on Human Rights for peaceful existence. So far, I have educated more than 1234 on Human Rights in different schools at Abuja and engaged them with various activities.

  • Part time teacher

    Mar 2010 - Jul 2016

    Top RIdge High School

    At Top Ridge High School, I devoted my time to teach students who were interested in really learning French language.