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Upper Primary Math, which is more or less of Basic Arithmetic, requires one to simplify a task in steps while paying attention to every single detail. To teach it, I usually relate with the student(s) by sharing interesting narratives about the topic so I can build trust and communicate better; and help when the student(s) seem stuck with a problem, or give a head start so they can solve it on their own. I can also help with the whole problem by providing a detailed solution with self-explanatory steps so they can go through it alone.

As an experienced Math tutor, I am highly conversant with numbers because I spend hours, daily, solving different math problems from a range of topics. And I believe I will be a perfect fit as a Primary Math Tutor due to my aforementioned skills.   I also pay great attention to subtle details and, to my thinking, this is one of the most important traits needed when teaching Upper Primary Math, or as I like to call it, Basic Arithmetic.

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I was a Mathematics tutor before I got into college, and I had taught it for more than a year.

Teaching Mathematics is a skill which I have cultivated through: Spending hours, daily, solving different math problems from a range of topics, participating and winning in countless mathematics challenges and competitions like the Cowbell National Secondary School Mathematics Competition, and Preparing over 10 students to win the aforementioned mathematics competition and pass national exams.

But we both know Mathematics can be a very boring subject to learn, right? Well one of the things I realized was that if I didn't try to relate with the student(s), or create or have any interesting story to share with them about the topic I was teaching, I would seem as a boring teacher and they'd stop paying attention. So I learned that building trust and being able to communicate what I taught made me a better tutor.

I have been obsessed with mathematics since high school and I've been teaching it since then. I believe mathematics itself is a language and everyone deserves to be fluent in it. One just needs the right instructor.

. . .and here I come.


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  • B.Sc Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    Jan 2015 - Present

    University of Lagos


  • Associate Manager

    Oct 2013 - Mar 2014

    Iganmode Grammar School Ota

    As Associate Manager of Mathematics team at Iganmode Grammar School, I Coordinated the day-to-day tutoring and assessed the weekly performances of a team of 6 pupils, from which one of them emerged as the first runner up of Cowbell National Secondary School Mathematics Competition – Senior category (2014 edition) – at the state level. Also, I optimized the executive manager’s daily schedule by taking on half of his daily task leaving only the ultra-important ones that require his direct attention.