Ugwu P.

Common Entrance English Tutor

Home tutor in Port Harcourt, Rivers

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Over the years I have seen my pupils excel greatly in their academics with testimonies from even their class teachers. Every school has expectations and study areas where students are expected to cover and gain mastery. It is my duty as a tutor to get those areas and study them in-depth using past questions and every material available.

Most exam preparation deviates a little from the regular school method of answering questions. These examinations have a list of antonyms and synonyms in which the pupils must gain mastery before the examination day. Pupils  have to diligently study and it is my duty to bring out these words and help them step by step as they gain mastery

I teach my pupils time management and how it is applicable in the examination hall. At the interval,  I set past questions and allow them to practice it and set time for them to answer these questions so that they can gain mastery.

I also teach my pupils how to overcome tension and how to answer questions faster. I allow them to practice using a sample answer sheet so that they will have practical knowledge of what it looks like.

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I am a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a second class upper division in computer education. I have tutored kids in all levels and watch them excel in their academics. I love to see the joy of learning in my pupils grow.


I study my pupil to know the best method that is best in teaching them to get the required result.

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Over the years, I have tutored kids in different stages to attain academic excellence. I love to impact knowledge and I am fulfilled when I see kids learn new things they don't know before. I believe no kid is dull. The right approach to learning is all that is required.


I study my pupil to know the best approach to apply. Some are intuitive learners while others will not forget a well-told story. I apply the rules behind a topic and teach it in such a way that it is broken into tiny nuggets for easier comprehension.


I follow sequentially and teach from known to unknown. This is only possible if I know my pupils and also know where they are lagging behind.


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  • B.Sc Computer Science

    Nov 2010 - Nov 2014

    Nnamdi Azikiwe University


  • Class teacher

    Jan 2019 - Present

    Prince O'Biek international school Port Harcourt

    As a class teacher, my role is to coordinate all class activities. I instruct pupils and engage them in class activities. I teach them both etiquettes and moral norms as all these comes to make a total man. I also prepare lesson notes and engage in extra curricular activities