Ekom I.

Upper Primary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Kosofe, Lagos

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Upper Primary Maths tutor with over 7 years Experience and students with distinctive results.

I am a math tutor with over 7 years teaching experience. I am vast in quantitative/qualitative reasoning, algebraic equations, fractions, word problems, shapes and basic calculations.

A year ago, I met a young girl who had challenges with understanding basic math due to her poor foundation. I was able to tutor her and she picked up so well that she was able to teach her peers. 

I was able to assist a basic 5 student who partook in a common entrance exam who also had poor knowledge in the subject. She came out in flying colours.

Over the years, I have also been privileged to teach junior secondary school students whom have bagged distinctive results.

Mathematics is an huge area of interest for me. It is straight to the point. You can easily know the  problem and solve them. Even when you make mistakes, it is easy to track. 

I am your best shot.


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I am a graduate of computer science from Benson Idahosa University .      


I love to teach children and because of this I decided put my earnest love into this career ever since I graduated from school.It is on this note that have put in my best for the past six years as a private tutor .God has been sustaining me to give my utmost best as required according to the scheme of work and placing the pupils or students into a mindset of independently achieveing their set goals in life and bringing out the best in that child even while am no more there with the child.  I have a record of a family of five under my tutorship who were not doing well ,as result of change of school but are now doing well academically.

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  • B.Sc Computer Science

    Sep 2002 - Jul 2007

    Benson Idahosa University


  • Computer teacher

    Jan 2015 - Present

    Enis schools

    As a computer teacher , I made the pupils to love computer because the subject can be boring sometimes especially when you have to teach the theoretical part.I have made the pupils more interested in the subject by introducing them into the practical aspect.The pupils have been thought how to make use of the computer keyboard , identifying the different parts of the computer and it's uses,making them understand the benefits of computer and abuse of the Internet and making them know about the practical aspect of the computer.

  • Class teacher

    Jan 2014 - Dec 2014

    Salvation schools

    My joy was full to see the pupils of nursery one and two classes do excellently well when I took over the class. I was exceptionally glad to see a boy named Chika that was once called a weak pupil doing excellently well by coming out to be one of the best in the class .They were able to spell ,speak well, identify letters and numbers,read and write.Even before I left the school I got a report that they were doing well academically in the other class they were promoted to in basic one.

  • Head teacher

    Mar 2009 - Jul 2009

    Kuf-wisdom school

    I taught about three classes consecutively seeing to it that the pupils understand what they are thought and can work efficiently on their own . I was able to coordinate the classes properly making sure the purpose for which they came to school is achieved.

  • An Assistant

    Aug 2007 - Mar 2008


    I worked as an assistant to the purchasing manager in the company.My job was to keep record of the goods in stock and keep record of the transactions that takes place everyday.