Nasiru r.

Upper Primary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Ojo, Lagos

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Upper primary Mathematics Tutor with 4 years experience and excellent performance.

  As a tutor, I make sure the least student gets the vital information of the topic taught in the easiest way without waste of time for effective performance above the parent or guidance expectations. I was awarded the most dedicated teacher in the school because the students did very well not only in their academic but also in their day to day activities and more so, make sure the students are doing the right thing at the right time as stated in the school timetable which result to completion of the scheme of work for the term couple with standard test and examination. 

The normal duration of a subject in schools is forty five minutes for single period and ninety minutes for double periods. Since I teach mathematics in schools of which is double periods, I make sure I prepare very well for the class for effective and efficient teaching and learning process. I also make sure that there is a standard reference materials and instructional materials so that the learners can be convinced that mathematics is not all abstract but real which makes learning interesting and understand information easily and assimilate permanently. 

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I am a graduate of Mathematics Education from the University of Lagos.

I have 5 years of productive experience working as a private tutor and a school Teacher (PT) in the areas of Maths, Physics and further maths. I live in Lagos where I have been able to successfully tutor over 25 students to pass various school exams, national exams and international exams.




My rare skills of imparting knowledge remains my major strength as my students remain highly motivated and successful even after my reign as their tutor

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  • B.Sc Science Education

    Feb 2012 - Apr 2016

    University of Lagos


  • Head teacher

    Feb 2012 - Sep 2016

    Chems high school

    The duties I disposed as a head teacher while in Chem high school was in various forms even going to the extent of doing other duties that are not administered to me just to ensure smooth running of the day to day activities in the school. The duties I carry out are such as follows: ensuring teachers write their lesson notes, mark their registers, write their dairies, ensure teacher's regularity and punctuality, ensure that learners are taught what they are suppose to do properly and evaluate them to see if they really understand what they were taught in the classroom by their teacher.