Nneka E.

Common Entrance English Tutor

Home tutor in Ejigbo, Lagos

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Learing English Language can be fun.

I have successfully worked with a lot of pupils who were seeking admission into secondary school. I can say that an English pupil preparing to go into secondary school, in my opinion, should and must have mastered the basic skills in Creative Writing, be it fiction, non fiction, fantasy, biography etc.

I encourage my pupils to write often so that it is not looked upon as a Herculean task when they enter secondary school or whenever the need arises. I also emphasize on practicing with multiple choice questions (and they will be timed) as this will help a great deal.

The use of the English dictionary CANNOT be overemphasized. This comes in handy when they come across antonyms and synonyms. I insist on using a dictionary in every lesson, whether it is Literacy or not, because pupils can come in contact with new words in any subject. GRAMMAR. This is a key part. Subject-verb agreement, whether in spoken or written English, is a big deal to me.

I take my time to explain Concord, Tenses, Parts of Speech, Sentence Formation etc. I am a tutor that gives a lot of assignments and I do the corrections with my pupil. I also appreciate feedback from clients/guardians/parents/pupils. At the end of the day, my goal is for all my pupils to succeed. 

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I am a graduate of Crop science from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

I have accumulated a teaching experience that spans over 6 years. This has mostly been in Numeracy, Literacy and Sciences.I have worked with pupils in the lower and upper elementary classes to achieve academic success.

I love to work with learners. I create a conducive environment where the learner can express his or her challenges without fear or embarrassment.

I also love to interact with parents and guardians. This is because getting feedback from them about their ward/child and also giving them tips/feedback is key to ensuring the overall success of their academic journey.


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  • B.Tech Crop Science

    Sep 2004 - Oct 2009

    Federal University of Technology, Owerri


  • Tutor

    Sep 2017 - Present


    I offer private tutoring services to learners in the upper and lower elementary classes who have challenges in Numeracy, Literacy and Science. I also help learners prepare for Common Entrance Examinations into various secondary schools.

  • Numeracy Teacher

    Sep 2012 - Sep 2015

    Praiseville Montessori School

    I was responsible for the teaching and supervision of Numeracy lessons for grades 1 to 5. I organized extra tutoring classes for pupils on Saturdays to help prepare them for external examinations. I organised maths quizzes for pupils to help encourage them love maths a lot more.