Precious E.

WAEC Accounting Tutor

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WAEC Accounting Tutor with 9 years result producing experience

I try as much as possible to increase and gear the interest of students in Accounting as well as breaking it down to the best understanding of my students.

My interest in this subject was prompted from the fact that I love calculations and also device means to make it simple.

I have tutored students in the subject and most are now tutors of accounting themselves. My past students are proud of me, this is because of the A's and B's they had in Accounting. I have gotten calls from my past students who  are now in the University thanking me for making them understand it better as it is helping them in the University.

I have recommendations for teaching accounting because the results are speaking. My ability to break accounting down encouraged most of my WAEC students to choose Accounting as part of their subject combination in UTME.

Accounting standards have changed overtime and I have researched on these new standards which will give my students edge in the subject.


I'm a graduate of Accounting from the University Of Benin

I have 9 years experience working as a private tutor,tutor in JAMB and WAEC tutorial centers As well as tutoring Undergraduates in the areas of Maths, Economics, Fin. Accounting,Commerce,Business Maths, Quantitative techniques and financial management.

I have successfully tutored over 200 students every year to pass various school exams,SSCE Exams,UTME,Post UTME, ATS 1 and 2 exams and Undergraduate Exams.

My Impeccable skills of imparting knowledge has been my major strength and I've been a  role model and a source of motivation to my students overtime.


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  • B.Sc Accountancy

    Feb 2011 - Aug 2015

    University of Benin


  • Tutor

    Jan 2011 - Present


    I teach JAMB and WAEC students I also had private classes with some students on special terms.

  • Tutor

    Jan 2017 - Present

    Bachel Academy

    I teach JAMB and WAEC students in the areas of Economics and accounting I also teach ATS 1 and 2 students in the areas of business maths and accounting

  • Tutor

    Aug 2012 - Mar 2016

    University of Benin

    I did tutorials for undergraduates as a whole at various levels and I also had private classes with some. In the areas of business maths,Accounting,micro Economics,financial management, quantitative analysis.

  • Tutor

    Mar 2012 - Apr 2016

    Landmark academy

    I taught JAMB and WAEC students in the areas of ECONOMICS, ACCOUNTING AND MATHS. I also had private tutorials on special terms for some students who are slow in assimilation

  • Private tutor

    Mar 2017 - Apr 2018

    DANIELS consults

    Tutored various students preparing for SSCE exams, school exams, JUPEB the areas of Maths, economics , commerce and accounting

  • Tutor

    Oct 2017 - Present

    Elite tutors

    I teach JAMB and WAEC students


    Jun 2016 - Apr 2017

    Plateau state polytechnic

    I did private tutorials for undergraduates at various levels in the areas of Business maths and accounting while I was serving there

  • Tutor

    Jan 2011 - Present


    I teach JAMB and WAEC students in the areas of Maths, economics and accounting. I also ,on special terms , have private classes with some students.

  • Tutor

    Jan 2012 - Apr 2016

    University of Benin

    While I was in the University, as a means of funding my studies,I tutored undergraduates as a whole at various levels even I as I progressed to my next level. I also had private lessons with a few. The course are business maths, Micro Economics, Accounting, and financial mgt

  • Tutor

    Apr 2012 - Apr 2016

    Landmark Academy

    I tutored JAMB and WAEC students in the areas of Economics and Accounting.

  • Private tutor

    Jan 2017 - Jun 2018

    Egbe Daniels

    I tutored students preparing for JUPEP exams and SSCE Exams

  • Tutor

    Oct 2017 - Present


    I tutor UTME AND SSCE students In the areas of Economics and fin. Accounting