Ayomide A.

Junior Secondary Science Tutor

Home tutor in Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

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Junior Secondary Science Tutor

As a science tutor, I ensured that my students participated in all lessons, practicals  and assignments.

I ensured that my students were interested in learning and understanding science by making use of available educational materials and making use of realistic approach in teaching.

I also ensured that students work collaboratively on difficult subjects with each other and see science as fun and also encouraged students to think outside the box by being creative with given classroom tasks.

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 I am a graduate of education technology from the University of Technology,Minna.

I am well versed in teaching various classes but specialize mainly in junior secondary school and primary school children. I have 2 years of productive teaching experience.

According to my field of knowledge, I make teaching interesting and incorporate various educational materials in making teaching and learning interesting and easy for children. I am also highly motivated and driven by seeing my students succeed.

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  • B.Tech Education Technology

    Jan 2012 - Sep 2017

    Federal University of Technology, Minna


  • Teacher

    Jun 2018 - Mar 2019

    Community High School

    While I was a teacher at community high school, i was the main teacher for Basic Technology Jss1. I ensured class control, made sure instructional materials were available for each class, updated my lesson note, set exam questions, set continuous assessment test and also participated in the day to day running of the school.

  • Class Teacher

    Dec 2017 - Apr 2018

    Brain and Mind Builders School.

    I was in charge of Primary 3 and 4 class and basically tutored them in all the class subjects. I made sure of assignments, class work, continuous assessment were constantly given, incorporated fun ways through which they could learn, set exam questions and also participated in the day to day activities in the school