Julian U.

Junior Secondary English Tutor

Home tutor in Surulere Lagos State, Lagos

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I am a Computer Engineering graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

I have probably been in the teaching circle all my life. Both my Parents are teachers so I grew up in an environment where education is top priority. I was tutored by my Parents mostly; this was evident in my class performances as I was always in the top three in my class. 

My teaching style basically is to put myself in the student's situation and try to see things from their perspective. That way I can decipher how to go about the tutoring process with them.

I don't see myself as a tutor when am teaching; I become a 'co-student' and me and my 'co-students' then try to 'understand' what's being taught. And this methodology has worked wonders for me and my students both in their normal classes and in their termly exams. They have also performed very well in their Junior Secondary Certificate Exams .

Learning is meant to be fun. As a naturally funny person and also as a person who is passionate about teaching; infusing these qualities in my tutoring brings about amazing results.

Give me a trial with your child and you'll always want me again and again. I guarantee it.

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  • B.ENG Computer Engineering

    Sep 2009 - Jul 2014

    Enugu State University of Science and Technology


  • School Administrator and Teacher

    May 2008 - Aug 2014

    Zenith International Children's School

    As the School Administrator I was responsible for overseeing all the administrative duties in the school from preschool through graduation along with my Mum who is the Proprietress. I was also involved in keeping school programs running smoothly and also provide leadership on both ordinary days and in time of crisis if there was any. I also had a hand in matters like planning events and implementing curriculum. I also made sure the school followed regulations set by local, state and federal authorities. As a teacher I created lesson plans for the students and taught the students individually or in small groups, tracked student progress and presented this information to parents; created tests, reinforced class rules and prepared students for standardized tests.

  • Director, Listacc ICT Academy

    Jul 2015 - Apr 2019

    Listacc Ltd

    As the Director of Listacc ICT Academy my responsibilites included teaching the students computer literacy, preparing standardized tests for them at the end of every chapter, reporting to their parents on their progress report, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer on their progress report, setting up examinations for the students at the end of the training and grading them based on their performance in the examination. I was also in charge of the repair and maintenance of the computer systems in the ICT lab and the smooth running of the network established between these computers.