Kingsley T.

British Junior Secondary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Iyana ipaja, Lagos

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British Junior Secondary Maths Tutor With Over 5 years Experience.

Teaching British Junior Secondary Maths comes with a lot of exciting activities ranging from basic arithmetics, bearings to simple algebra and fractions. I have had over 20 students whose results moved from below average to excellent and well above average after active participation in my maths classes. 

Mathematics is one of the easiest subjects and can also be one of the most difficult for some people. It all comes down to the tutor's approach to the subject which is my major area of concentration and strength. Relating the subject with real life situations has proven to be very proficient in expanding the students' understanding of the subject .

It doesn't have to be a case of adding ,subtracting or multiplying numbers. Relating the whole process to real life situations works magic. The students will be endeared to the subject, seeing it as an interesting one and not just one abstract reasoning as had always been the case.


A graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Nigeria and a PHP/MySQL diploma certificate holder from SIIT India.

I have always had passion for tutoring which happens to be one of the areas I always excel. I teach physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computer studies, Data processing and programming.

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  • B.ENG Electrical Engineering

    Sep 2011 - Jul 2016

    University of Nigeria


  • IT Specialist/Data processing/Computer studies Teacher

    May 2017 - Apr 2018

    Command Secondary school kaduna

    Taught Computer studies and Data processing to all senior classes Organised programming practical classes.

  • Senior Software Developer

    Nov 2018 - Present

    Augustine Corporation

    I work remotely from home. Developing web applications and mobile apps for the company.