stanley i.

Senior Secondary School English Tutor

Home tutor in Kubwa, Abuja

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Senior secondary school English tutor with 4years experience and 7 straight A's ex-student

I have been an English tutor for 4-5 years. I have this passion for helping others develop their spoken and oral English. I have seen so many students who were not good in English initially attaining a distinction in English. I always leave a lasting impression on my students both intellectually and otherwise. I once had an encounter with a student who struggled in expressing himself as well as lacking the basic involved in English language, but with much work, willingness and zeal from him.

He was able to obtain a distinction in English language. He also began to express himself better.He was able to sit and scored excellently in international exam to the joy of his guardian. He is currently in UK studying, I have handled undergraduates as well who performed well in their GST. I believe there is an inmate intelligence in everyone if well harnessed and no one is full, needs the right motivation. I also believe that secondary school is the best time to be good in English language.


I am a graduate of economics from the Enugu State university.l have 4years of productive working experience working as a private tutor in the areas of economics, account, government,commerce, English etc.l live in Abuja where I have been able to successfully tutor over 40 students to pass various school exams, national exams and international exams.My rare skill of imparting knowledge remains my major strength as my students remain highly motivated and successful even after my reign as their tutor

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  • B.Sc Economics

    Oct 2014 - Jul 2018

    Enugu State University of Science and Technology


  • Teacher

    Feb 2016 - Jun 2017

    Alinx Comprehensive Secondary school

    I was the class teacher at alinx Comprehensive Secondary school,comprising the senior classes of SS1-3.I was also involved in preparing them for external exams.