Junior Secondary Science Tutor

Home tutor in Ikorodu, Lagos

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Dedicated and Experienced Junior Secondary Science Tutor.

I am a tutor who tries to get the best out of his students while ensuring that they truly grasp and understand what they are being taught.


I can confidently say that I have been able to greatly improve my students during my last tutoring experience, and that is because I do what needs to be done to bring out the best

in my students.


I am very dedicated and passionate about my job while at the same time maintaining a professional relationship with my students and creating a friendly environment where they can ask questions.


I am very proficient with teaching junior secondary science subjects, ranging from agricultural science to basic science and technology.


Others are civic education, Christian religious studies, Home economics, Physical and health education, just to mention a few.


I strongly believe in extra tutoring because it greatly improves the students’ academics and grades and it also helps the student to be way ahead of their peers.


I'm a graduate of industrial chemistry from kogi state University.

I've been tutoring for about 2 years, and I can say confidently I'm very good and a professional at what I do.

My aims and objectives are to impact knowledge to the young generations.

I try to motivate my students and ensure they benefit from my experience as a previous student now a tutor.

I ensure I give my all while being professional & I'm certain and confident my students will benefit a lot from me.

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  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

    Jan 2012 - Mar 2018

    Kogi State University


  • Tutor

    Aug 2018 - Jan 2019

    Bespoke tutoring services

    I was involved in the home tutoring of two primary school pupils and one secondary school student. I ensured I assisted whenever they had any sort of difficulties in their home works and assignments and also put them through in further preparation in order to stay ahead of their class. I worked with them for about 6 months.