Oluwasegun V.

Senior Secondary School Chemistry Tutor

Home tutor in Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos

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Senior secondary school chemistry tutor with 3 years experience and proven results

Chemistry is one subject students often find complex and a difficult to understand. However, in my journey of learning and teaching this subject, I have been able to effectively bring it to life by patiently and creatively explaining certain complex concepts such as:


i. Balancing of Chemical Equations

ii. Nomenclature of organic and Inorganic compound

iii. Calculations In Chemistry

I have found out that with simple explanations and a lot of practice; in form of assignments and tests, I have been able to help students develop an interest in Chemistry and to also excel in it.


I strictly adhere to WAEC syllabus and I also employ the use of technology where necessary. Also, being fully aware that there are certain aspects of the subject such as inorganic chemistry; the chemistry of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen Electronic that students find boring. I always ensure I make such topics very relatable using real life examples and explanations.


I am a graduate of industrial chemistry from the university of Benin.

I have 3 years working experience as a teacher and private tutor is the aspects of Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and Biology.

I have a healthy track record which I am constantly seeking to improve.

I strongly believe that every child has the potential to excel academically, and that it is the job of the tutor to harness this potential by not just teaching, but also by; motivating them to be their best and instilling in them the right attitudes for excellence.

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  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry

    Nov 2011 - Nov 2016

    University of Benin


  • chemistry Teacher

    Jul 2017 - Jul 2018

    Government Secondary college Yeldu

    I introduced SS2 students to fundamental concepts in Chemistry such as; > Acids,Bases and Salts. >The chemistry of Carbon,Oxygen, Hydrogen,Nitrogen Etc >Redox Reactions -Definition -Balancing of redox reactions >Reactivity series etc. I also ensured optimum performance of students by giving them lots of assignments and impromptu Tests.

  • Home tutor

    Aug 2018 - Present

    Self employed

    I made sure my student;an Ss1 student, excelled in his Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and Biology.I did this,by ensuring that I fully and exhaustively explained all topics and concepts,and by giving lots if assignments and impromptu tests as well.