Helen A.

British Pre-Primary & Lower Primary General Tutor

Home tutor in Lekki, Lagos

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British Pre-Primary & Lower Primary General Tutor

As an educationist I believe that the foundation of a child must be strong and solid for them to be successful in their academic career. Children need tutor that can show them care and love which make them to understand any concept in a way that will be as easy as ABC and for this to be done they need an expert to do so.

At this early and  lower level of education, I make sure that any child I teach learn at their own pace which makes learning easy and interesting to them. I use technological strategy through the use of technological gadget to teach my pupils for easy understanding and assimilation.

I have taught  a pupil to read and write  numbers and letters within a very short period of time. All the children that pass through me within as short time will be able to write composition and also will be able read ,answer comprehension passages and will be able to construct simple sentences.

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I am a graduate of Biology education and master of science education from Lagos  State University Ojo. 


I have more than ten years  Biology  teaching experiences.  I have successful  tutor more  than 200 students  to pass West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and also more than 40 students pass various exams. 


With my teaching  experiences with Lagos state , private  international schools and also WAEC and NECO examiner  have really help me to develop  a strategic way to tutor my students.


I personally developed various ways and rules that students can answer exam questions,  which has really help most of my students  to out successful  in their exams. 


     The success of my students  is my strength and I strongly believe  that there is greatness  in every  child. 


  Let us work together  to bring out this great potential  in your child/ children. 

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  • M.Sc Biology

    Aug 2010 - Aug 2015

    Lagos State University


  • School coordinator and Biology teacher

    Apr 2014 - Sep 2018

    G&G Quintessential International School.

    As the school coordinator I ensured that: all teachers submit and update their records, they give assignments to students always and mark the students notes, all the students notes were cheched from time to time to know the students who where not copying notes and teachers who were not marking the students notes. As a Biology teacher I taught my students based on WAEC curriculum to enable them prepare for WAEC, I exposed my students to Biology practical as early as possible to enable them get use to WAEC practical, base on marking experience as WAEC examiner for past years I taught them how to answer WAEC Biology questions and also exposed them to rules for Biology practical.

  • Biology and Basic Science teacher

    Apr 2010 - Sep 2013

    Ebun - High School

    As a Biology teacher I prepared the first SS3 students for WAEC by organizing extra moral class for the students. As a class teacher I ensured that my students were well monitored. As Basic Science teacher I prepared my students for Junior WAEC and also exposed them to practicals.

  • Biology and Agricultural science teacher

    Apr 2002 - Dec 2003

    Blessed Winners Secondary School

    As the Biology teacher students were exposed to Biology teacher. As the Agricultural science teacher, young farmers club was esterblished and esterblished the school garden where students were taught how to raise crops.

  • Eko Basic Science teacher

    Apr 2013 - Sep 2016

    Egan Junior Grammar School

    As a Basic Science teacher, I was in morning and afternoon lesson to prepare the Jss3 for Junior WAEC.

  • NYSC Biology teacher

    Oct 2007 - Oct 2008

    Umuaharam Technical Secondary School

    As NYSC Biology teacher, I introduce extra class for the students because they have been doing Biology because they lack Biology teacher. I introduce an instructional strategies that can bust their moral and interest in Biology. Students were exposed to Biology practical from SS1-3. I also prepared the SS3 for Biology WAEC and most of them came out successful.