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Mathematics has always been one of my favorite subjects since I was a kid. I perform excellently in every math exam I have ever taken. I have won the award for overall best student in mathematics a couple of times in secondary school. I also came third in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad for Girls (PAMO-G) Teaching math is something I have a passion for. I have taught mathematics to a lot of people ranging from primary school pupils to WASSCE and JAMB candidates and their results have never fallen short of expectations. My pupils and students also perform excellently in Mathematics competitions and external exams. In teaching math, I expose the students to as many formulas/methods as possible. This is because a formula which Student A finds easier might not be the same for student B, hence I make sure to teach them all the possible ways of solving an equation so that they can be able to identify which one is easier for them. This method has helped me a lot in breeding students with high mathematical capabilities which in turn, leads to excellent and exceptional performances in examinations, both internal and external. I've tutored more than 20 pupils preparing for common entrance exam and they all passed excellently.  Math is fun, and I help my students to realize this.

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I'm a Law student in the University of Ibadan. I graduated from Federal Government College, Okigwe in Imo State. I was the overall best student in WAEC and NECO in my school. I was also the third-best student in NECO at the regional level. I've won a couple of awards both academic and non-academic, and I've participated in a number of competitions and quizzes. I started tutoring pupils and students from a young age, and I haven't stopped. I have a passion for teaching and I teach in such a way and manner that makes my students to not only perform excellently in what I've taught them, but also to develop a love and passion for it. I believe everyone has the ability to learn, all it takes is determination and interest on the Part of the student, and hardwork, passion and skills on the part of the teacher. I believe I have all it takes to teach such as passion, hardwork, academic skills as well as emotional intelligence. My aim is to inspire my students to acquire the knowledge which they earnestly desire. Gracias.

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  • LLB Law

    Sep 2016 - Present

    University of Ibadan


  • Teacher

    Sep 2016 - Oct 2016

    Ideal Foundation Academy

    I worked as a teacher in Ideal Foundation Academy briefly after my secondary school education before I gained admission to study law in the University of Ibadan. The school had 3 sections, the daycare, nursery and primary sections. I taught pupils in the primary sections, particularly Primary 4,5 and 6. I taught them all subjects including Math, English, Writing, Reading, Literature, Physical Education and sciences. Although my stat in Ideal Foundation Academy was a short one, I however left lasting impacts in the lives of my pupils.