Olayinka Y.

Common Entrance Math Tutor

Home tutor in Eti Osa, Lagos

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Common Entrance Special Tutor in Mathematics with over 5 years experience producing excellent pupils.

My activity as a Mathematics tutor especially for pupils to excel in common entrance exams into high school is majorly hands-on teaching method. I incorporate visuals, images, story telling to make connections to real world scenarios, show new concepts, find opportunities to differentiate learnings amongst many other methods.

I'm able to identify and differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil to another in the subject matter. This will enable me to plan the best method needed to be adopted in ensuring the child is brought up to the level expected of him or her.  I have produced pupils with excellent grades in my previous teaching jobs.

My  expected duration of teaching is two hours per class within three times a week. I believe a 6 hour tutoring period every week will bring a child up to the required level needed to pass common entrance mathematics exams with excellent grades. It is pleasing to also note that imparting knowledge is a project that I have always keyed into especially when it's to actually build the foundation of the younger generation effectively and efficiently so as to enable a sustainable economy at large. 

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I'm a Masters degree holder in Petroleum Geology from the University of Ibadan. I have tutored pupils and students over the years in numerous subject areas. I'm best tutoring pupils not only to prepare them for exams but also to impact in them good educational virtues that will help nurture their prospective careers while at a very young age. 

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  • M.Sc Geology

    Feb 2017 - Apr 2019

    University of Ibadan

  • B.Sc Geology

    Mar 2010 - Oct 2014

    Kogi State University


  • Class/Subject Teacher

    Oct 2014 - Jul 2015

    Shetimah Nur, Pri and Secondary School

    My primary role was to teach subjects across the primary section. I was specifically in charge of Primary Six (6) class. I also taught mathematics, basic science in the junior secondary section while I taught geography in the senior secondary section.