Deborah L.

British Junior Secondary Math Tutor

Home tutor in Alimosho, Lagos

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British Curriculum Junior Mathematics Teacher

For me nothing beats the buzz of contributing to raising the standards of student attainment. I am a teacher who knows exactly why I chose this profession and I can’t wait to inspire the next wide-eyed generation of my students. My goal is simple, I want every child to be well prepared academically and socially for university or the career of their choice.

After working for the last 5 years in this field I have no trouble planning and delivering lessons, one to one support sessions and on-line resources which help students to become independent effective learners and fully engage with their curriculum. I have the energy, determination and commitment needed to enthuse and effectively communicate maths to students in a way that gets them coming back for more. I create lessons where there is plenty of time for children to think, play, discover and wonder.

In my current role, I have a reputation for using a calm, hands-on approach to deliver support to students who are at risk of dropping out or under-achieving as a result of difficulties adapting to study in a higher education environment. I go out of my way to work positively with young people, colleagues and parents and get them on board. 

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I am a born teacher with a passion for teaching young minds. I am a graduate of Biology Education and have been teaching for well over 6 years with an impeccable track record. I can teach pupils in primary 6, preparing them for the common entrance examination to Senior Secondary School (Waec). I believe with my experience and in depth knowledge of the following subject areas, you can expect quick and consistent results in your Ward. I can teach subjects like Mathematics, English, Biology, Basic Science, Basic Tech. and Agricultural science. Beyond academics, I am a firm believer of instilling moral values to the younger generation and will do my possible best to instil these positive values to compliment the academics.

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  • Education And Biology

    Sep 2013 - Jun 2018

    Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti


  • Science teacher

    Jan 2018 - Jul 2018

    Integrity international school

    I prepared lesson notes on Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics weekly. Gave assignments and awarded scores Prepared the students for both internal and external examination Delivered lessons on the above stated subjects. Organized practical sessions in Biology.

  • Biology Teacher

    Jan 2015 - Sep 2016

    Tinuola Maximum College

    Prepared Lesson notes on Biology for SS2 and SS3. Organised Practicals in Biology for the above stated classes. Delivered Lessons in Biology. Evaluated the students performance through Class -work, Assignments and Tests and awarded scores. Prepared the students for both internal and external examinations.

  • Class Teacher

    Jan 2010 - Aug 2012

    Zionfield Montessori School

    Prepared Lesson notes for pupils in Primary 4 in all subjects including Mathematics, English Language, Elementary Science, Social Studies, Health Education, etc. Evaluated their performance using Oral questioning, Class work, Assignments, and test. Prepared examination questions Organised extra curricula activities for the pupils

  • M & E Assistant

    Jul 2018 - Jun 2019


    Assist in project data collection in accordance with the monitoring and evaluation plan Assist in the administering the project database and ensure it is constantly updated Ensure complete and timely reporting through the implementation of an efficient data management system from the provision of data collection tools to reporting Undertake supervisory visits to CSO at regular intervals Assist in ensuring data quality through the establishment of a Quality Assurance system for the project data Periodically check the consistency of monitoring and evaluation indicators as defined for each activity of the Project Ensure data collection tools are available on implementation sites Establish and maintain good working relations with important State officials, partners and CSOs